Oral: husband and wife sharing for the province said that the rent

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My husband is a second marriage, so when I decided to marry him, the family who are against it because I was the first marriage of two married men in rural areas where the widow is not divorced, and like me, will vote to neighbor a strange look. I do not care how people look, as long as I care about is my husband, I have no other desire.

I am 25 years old went to Fujian to work far from home, in fact, that time is relative and a family to go. Later, I found a job, but relatives think it has no future back home city job. I was in Fujian and understanding husband.

And my husband is also a unit, he and I turned out to come from a province. We talked very speculative, slowly we also have feelings for each other. At that time, he was taking care of me in contact with, I know he has knot once married, not a long time, no children.

Together for more than a year, we decided to get married because I was pregnant. We held a wedding, I would not have to work every day her husband to go to work, I'll do chores in the rent, let him go home mouth hot meals after eating .7 months, taking into account the growing belly action is not convenient, my husband let me back home. children in the home, it was easy to take care of my child and confinement.

I produced earlier in a child's day, when the children were born, her husband did not come back. He said he can not leave, please, I though a little upset, but I still believe him, because I know the system units. I also he tried to comfort him: it does not matter, and so end up sitting the child, take the kids to see him.

In the company of children, and soon I sat over the month in order to give her husband a surprise, did not say hello to my husband, I packed up and decided to take the kids all the way to see her husband.

I am a man carrying two duffel bag holding the baby car, interchange is really convenient, considering that her husband go to work tired, they did not want him to pick me. I went to knock on the door, and soon the door opened. But for me to open the door but it is a woman, her husband's ex-wife I got a little ignorant, if not hear her husband's voice, and I thought her husband moved to live where her husband walked says: Who?

When my husband and sea, I found her husband's smile is gone. I entered the room, my husband even helped me get luggage into the house. Ex-wife an excuse to go out, so I did not ask how this is opening a happening, he quickly explained: he and his ex-wife is now shared, in order to save rent money ......

I heard a good reason to feel this far-fetched husband hugged his children, said: It is not because our kids do, I want to support the family, raising children, his ex-wife and she just find a place to rent to live, and I with her rent.

I listened, did not speak, hugged the children, said:? That we Niangliang how are you going to arrange to see my husband did not ask it to relax a bit, smiled and said: you and I will share a room, I hit the ground floor, you two beds, the room was rented out to her that I was so suddenly Wohuo, after listening to her husband's schedule, said: you think so and she shared?

Husband face some anxious to say: I will not, I promise she rented her a year and a half she has paid the rent money back to me, he said, to return the money to his mother, saying it was to us. make a living.

But I never knew her husband to send money to the mother, and in the home, her mother are reluctant to spend money, I often eat jars of vegetables during the month. My husband and I had a fight, but her ex-wife did not move out. In order to sake of their children, I have no further comment, but I was really very depressed. Although not very reluctantly, but still left her husband's ex-wife.

Every day at home, looking at her husband and his ex-wife get along, they talked and laughed, is also not afraid I misunderstood the evening, I and the children asleep, wake her husband will be ex-wife to help her change rooms bulb. Slowly hot weather up, ex-wife unabashed dressed casually walking around at home. I told her husband that, but her husband said casually to her. I think it grew more and more what my husband and his ex-wife have ......

Although my husband and his ex-wife's marriage to maintain only six months, but I know that time is his ex-wife wants a divorce because her husband did not think money can not give her the life you want. Later, she found a wealthy man, he was finally the man abandoned. I think my husband is not still love her, how can I do it? I feel my husband sometimes attitude towards his ex-wife did not have a good attitude. how can I do? I have the courage to mention divorce, really.

Indus Machines analysis:

In fact, you still care about your husband is a second marriage, but his ex-wife appeared offended your bottom line. When you see his ex-wife to open the door, you are ignorant to live because care about, so you will go out and observe her husband's ex-wife in one fell swoop a move.

Husband and wife in your eyes, and they talked, not afraid of hurting you. Current when wearing indecent wife, your husband is nonchalant, very casual attitude, he did not give you at least respect. They were not avoid arousing suspicion, unspoken ambiguous. regardless, his ex-wife and her husband is Jiuqingfuran or just sharing relationship, they should learn to avoid arousing suspicion, because now you are the lawful wife of her husband.

If you think what my husband and his ex-wife, just quietly gather evidence do quit or let his ex-wife and her husband divorce preparation.

Indus Machines prescription to your emotions:

1, and her husband more communication, understanding his ideas, and show your bottom line.

2, make their own efforts to make a good woman, the better to keep her husband's heart.

3, good child care, but to do the divorce prepared mind.

4, after the collection of evidence, his ex-wife and her husband face to face confrontation, let his ex-wife quit.

5, do not forbear once to let her husband know what you think. Excessive Tolerance is condoned

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Traditional Chinese: 口述:老公和前妻合租說是為省房租