Truck rollover traffic police with the help of shipment, warm heart!

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Truck rollover traffic police with the help of shipment, warm heart! The driver on the highway to sleep, danger!

Truck rollover traffic police with the help of shipment, warm heart!

WASHINGTON Recently, two occurred in the territory of the Green Bank highway Xingtai thing: high-speed traffic with the help of a truck rollover shipment, really warm heart, another driver on the highway to sleep, too dangerous!

Truck rollover fruit scattered on the ground

Around at 14:00 on May 19, when a van loaded with fruits Yangquan travel to the vicinity of the Green Bank highway junction ningjin direction Yinchuan New River, the right rear tire of the vehicle suddenly lead truck rollover, more than 200 on board boxes of fruit scattered on the ground, fortunately without injury.

Palace speed traffic police brigade rushed to the scene, scattered boxes of fruit in the middle of the road, from the pop-up box to a variety of fruits cantaloupe, watermelon rolled more than 10 meters long, and some have already been pressed into wrestling 'puree.' At that time not many passing vehicles, causing no road congestion.

Left master driver told police he bought a car from Liaocheng fruit farmers market return of trafficking in Shanxi, after the right way Paozhaopaozhe truck tire puncture lead to sudden loss of control of the vehicle rollover direction, but fortunately his car and the other two just minor injuries, no serious problem, but the fruits scattered on the ground, if not timely transfer, to the rear of the vehicle safety have a significant impact, will result in greater economic losses.

Police immediately set up alert, quickly contact the Highways and rescue personnel rushed to the scene. Police Joint Highways rescue personnel will be on the road to gather fruit, fruit selection intact into the box, Yi Tangtang helped shipping back and forth.

'Busy for more than two hours, scattered on the ground fruit is repacked, transferred to the rescue vehicle for us to minimize economic losses, Xingtai high-speed traffic real passion, the good kind.' Owner left he says.

Highway too dangerous to sleep

May 20 7 pm, when the high-speed traffic police brigade patrolling the palace silver-green, found a truck loaded with cargo trucks parked in the middle of the driveway motionless, not turned on the emergency warning lights, nor place any warning signs, passing vehicles pose a serious traffic safety problems.

Police Taking a loudspeaker, the owner does not have any reaction. Closer inspection, the original driver in the cab whirring sleep, past the sound of sirens and the driver did not stir awake fool's paradise, the police came knocking the door only to wake up.

The driver opened his sleepy eyes hazy explained that a succession of car all the way, the pressure in the morning on the highway the car wanted to feel sleepy squint while, unexpectedly overslept. Police according to law, the driver fined 200 yuan deducted 6 points punishment, even the driver said, 'Do not commit,' we must strictly abide by traffic regulations.

For these two thing, the high-speed traffic police to remind the majority of drivers, car tire is most frequent in the summer of accident, be sure to check before moving good condition, and remove security risks. Highway are not free parking, encounter pressure car and other special circumstances, should be concerned about the road conditions, obey traffic command, if the driver fatigue should be timely access to the service area rest. (Guo Hongyu told this reporter Ji Wenlong PAPTY correspondent Zhao Liguo text / Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 貨車側翻交警幫裝運,暖心!