"Cloud Guizhou" contest branch tournament for young people to come to the fore developer

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May 20, 2016 China International Electronic Information Year-off contest and the 'cloud Guizhou' big data business model contest four branches tournament to determine the winner, 17 players from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jinan and other places of the award.

Among them, the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sun Jianyong, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Pan Lijuan, Jinan East Zhong Li Jing Co., Ltd., Jinan Green Trading Company WANG end, from 2532 contestants stand out, gains were PID control algorithm contest , machine vision algorithms TLD competition, H.264 video coding contest, h5 data acquisition contest prize.

Widely used smart devices, so that technology developers become intelligent manufacturing industries as well as large data indispensable talent. Contest branch tournament also attracted the IT industry, the investment community professionals to the scene, some IT company executives directly to the winners invitation sent a high-paying jobs.

Mentioned algorithm class competition, many people feel that life is very far away from us, and in fact our lives. The first 'cloud Guizhou' big data business model contest 'intelligent transportation Algorithm Challenge' race to the branch concerned Guiyang traffic congestion problem.

This year's contest was the era of precision marketing, e-commerce, data acquisition competition set h5, mainly on the players in a particular time period edit html5 website, the use of mobile Internet and Internet tools and the ability to spread the page data acquisition will be.

'H5 data acquisition capability for our commerce companies is very important, we have established an important tool for users with precise, accurate, fast connections, for accurate interactive shopping guide' and the first prize winner of the tournament branch, Jinan blue end Trading Company founder Wang Long representation.

Professional training, enhanced data awareness.

During the contest branch tournament registration, the organizing committee arranged a special multi-site universities lectures and technical training. After registration, players were again seven specialized training, training a total of more than 1,400 players.

Get PID control algorithm contest prize of Shandong University Zhang is a postgraduate students, but also the UAV enthusiasts: 'After the registration, the organizing committee we had specialized training, every training have deepened my understanding of this technology. '

'Smart PID control to obtain the rapid development in recent years, the future of intelligent robots in the field requires a lot of talent support, the Organizing Committee into the campus, so that more students understand and focus on machine learning, should say is a universal education. 'Shanghai Institute of technical Physics, Associate Professor of Sun Jianyong representation.

Frontier algorithm, looking geek elite.

This year's contest to the 'data age wisdom made the future' as its theme, focusing on big data, smart manufacturing, and other areas. Similarly, the algorithm branches tournament setting, also set up a special branch on machine learning game.

TLD machine vision algorithms developed in recent years is relatively fast algorithm, its most important feature is able to lock the target for continuous learning in order to obtain the target date of appearance features, thereby improving the tracking and timely, in order to achieve the best state, machine vision the main direction of development.

Also with regard to video data processing, H.264 video coding algorithm is committed to a more efficient transport, store large amounts of video data. Technically, H.264 standard introduces new current video encoding technology, including motion search macro block size variable, integer transform, intra prediction.

Whether it is at the forefront of the field of machine learning, intelligent PID algorithm, machine vision algorithms TLD, H264 video coding algorithm, or the scene of the most widely used standard algorithms h5 unique data acquisition, access and computing speed per unit time is judged, faster the algorithm will lead to better application effect, better future, faster algorithm changes brought worth the wait. (Reporter Wang Luyao)

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Traditional Chinese: “雲上貴州”大賽分支賽讓青年開發者脫穎而出