A quarter of the city's main business district industry gathering revenue growth of the province's first

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Since the beginning, the face of economic downward pressure of the grim situation, each industry gathering area to make good use of incentives by the State Council, to meet the province's key projects-cum-industry gathering area to watch as the driving force, based on 'early' word fast start, highlighting the 'real' word grasp the project, around the 'excellent' word strong service, quickly set off the project began to focus on infrastructure construction, improve platform functionality climax, promote the major economic indicators increased significantly. statistics show that in the first quarter, the city's main business income of industrial clustering growth rate of 19.7%, ranking first in the province completed investment in fixed assets 5.28 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the total investment in fixed assets, an increase of 12.2% over last year, the growth rate ranks fifth in the province.

Project momentum is good. A quarter of all industrial clustering businessmen seize the Spring Festival to visit relatives, visits and preparation Fourteenth Food Fair, the Tenth China (Henan International Investment and Trade Fair, Beijing 'Thirteen Five' major project promotion the timing will be around the leading industrial clusters grow vigorously carry out family business, festivals investment, Wu's new contract Linying Meal central industrial production base, JDB middle beverage filling base, lofty building industrial base Luohe, Wuyang 200,000 ten thousand tons of baking soda and a number of over 10 billion project on the city to seize the project funding, the new land use indicators of support and timing of construction in the spring of the State Council, have started to focus project activities held were focused on the city's industry cluster started Linying Meng County days pharmaceutical Technology Park, the spring breeze blowing in international e-commerce food City, Wuyang maker space center to serve the people, Yancheng District billion through new energy vehicle technology industrial park, the pension industry comprehensive service park, Yuan Huiqu Meiyijia flour processing , more than 50 projects Shaoling District 000 more new energy, economic and technological development zone in synthetic sapphire steel Institute, central Park, covering manufacturing, food processing, chemical building materials, infrastructure and equipment in many fields, not only the number, size of the calendar year most, but also significantly improved the quality of projects, project clustering development trend more apparent.

High quality of industrial operation. Around the quality and efficiency of economic operation, each industry cluster focused on the service side, 'Afterburner' in the cost of doing business end 'burden' to do everything possible to provide services for enterprises in the region. Linying industrial clustering to explore the establishment 'enterprise intelligence Night' service mechanism, the CMC led authorities claim subcontractors, coordinate and solve corporate finance, labor, land and other development challenges. Songjiang industrial agglomeration area to carry out one thousand grassroots cadres and 'double promotion' activities, the organization BOC, the intention to reach 800 million yuan financing. in the joint efforts of all industrial clustering, the city's industrial clustering industrial economy to achieve rapid growth, steady improvement in quality and efficiency, significantly accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, industrial run a good start. a quarter, the city's above-scale industrial agglomeration area industrial added value growth of 13.9%, higher than the city's industrial growth rate of 4.9 percent, ranking the province first five above-scale enterprises total profit of 3.63 billion yuan, ranking the province first five of which , the main business income economy technology industry gathering area increase of 27.5%, ranking first in the province 12, Linying industrial clustering main business revenue grew 20.5%, ranking first in the province 22. At the same time, the flow of commerce industrial agglomeration area industry to maintain rapid growth, above accommodation and catering industry turnover of 37 million yuan, an increase of 38 percent, ranking first in the province.

The function of supporting greater efforts in the first quarter, all industries concentrated area have increased investment (capital financing platform into the high note, expand financing capacity, accelerate water, electricity, roads, gas and other infrastructure to extend new expanded regional development, the city has newly started industrial clustering more than 20 road while accelerating the improvement of central heating, e-commerce, research and development testing, logistics, business services, vocational education centers and other production services platform and community hospitals, schools, and other life service facilities. Pro Yingshang County Vocational Education Center industry cluster has started construction, central heating has entered the peak construction period, quality R & D centers have started the relocation of the units stationed, acres of wetland has been fully activated. Wuyang industry gathering area sewage treatment plant has been put into run. Songjiang industrial clustering cogeneration, business information services platform under construction. Sha Li industrial clustering Alibaba Luohe Tenda Eco Park has been settled in the electricity business enterprises iBusiness, black spider, village area network and more than 10 appliance business enterprise Fuxiang life service center has been delivered. Dongcheng industry gathering area planning and construction of 3 square kilometers logistics park, and actively build Shanghai Free Trade zone, the fifth water plant is expected to achieve through the water in June. economic and technological industry cluster has begun construction of central Park , Zhongshan Road overpass planned end of the opening.

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Traditional Chinese: 一季度全市產業集聚區主營業務收入增速全省第一