Shenzhen logistics on licensing of electric vehicles up to 8270

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Original title: Logistics Shenzhen on licensing of electric vehicles up to 8270

[Shenzhen Economic Daily News] (reporter Han Xiao establishment of dry ports in Shenzhen City to promote the application of new energy vehicle logistics center general meeting yesterday. Press conference informed that, as of last year, Shenzhen City Logistics brand new energy vehicles has reached 8270, becoming the world new energy logistics vehicle usage largest city in accordance with the relevant promotion programs, 2020 in Shenzhen new energy logistics vehicles will reach 25,000.

The rapid expansion of new energy vehicles using scale logistics

Information from the Municipal Transportation show that as of October 2015, Shenzhen registered operators pure electric car is still less than 300 logistics, as at end of the year, this figure rapidly increased to 8270. For on the card, the Shenzhen It became the world's new energy logistics vehicle usage largest city.

Reporters learned that the logistics Shenzhen electric car brand enthusiasm, mainly because of policies to guide the first is government subsidies, in accordance with the relevant policies last year, a stream of pure electric vehicles, car dealers can get the battery capacity per kWh country Shenzhen and local subsidies 2000 yuan each, while in the use of links, the current general fuel trucks in Shenzhen engaged in the transportation, limited time lines, roads, area, but the logistics of pure electric cars can enjoy 'all-weather, all-road' prevailing policies since mid-April this year, Shenzhen launched a pure electric vehicle electronic tag logistics installation, the first in the country to achieve the passage of new energy vehicles preferential policies logistics programs floor. in addition, the electric current can also enjoy a day of logistics vehicles Free Road in Shenzhen parking place for the first time (the first hour temporary parking fee discount.

Endurance performance of the charging facilities still restrict the promotion

It is noteworthy that, although the logistics Shenzhen electric car to the end of the number of cards reached 8270, but as of the end of April this year, the actual number of vehicles running operation 2277, there is a certain gap. Some logistics companies responsible for between in an interview with reporters, also said electric vehicles logistics advantages in terms of cost savings, environmental protection, and other rights of way for enterprises attractive, but there are still some challenges of large-scale use.

For example, compared with fuel vehicles, pure electric vehicles subject to logistics battery performance, mileage is limited to logistics companies in the transport line organization, efficiency, management and other aspects of higher demand, the main city of the existing facilities to meet the public charge , taxis, logistics vehicles and electric vehicles are more design parameters larger difference is not compatible with existing public charging pile equipment problems, there are car logistics enterprises shortage of effective charging facility.

Lu, director of Shenzhen Port Logistics vehicle applications of new energy promotion center Xie Haiming said car prices Promotion Center has summoned the charge pile construction and operation of enterprises for technical docking, charging network to coordinate the two sides reached agreement to avoid the plight of nowhere pure electric vehicle charging logistics is also will continue to coordinate land departments to speed up the charging station (pile planning and construction progress, coordinate large-scale logistics park to explore the potential construction of fast charging pile, as well as promote the use of research in Shenzhen, energy storage battery car charging stations, integrated logistics and electric vehicle charging solve difficult issues such as .

2020 electric vehicle size or increased logistics 25000

It is reported that, according to industry promotion center as well as feedback from the actual situation, and then complete the program in 2016 to promote the electric vehicle logistics 4000, increasing to 500 per year in 2020, completed a total of five years to promote the 25000. Xie Haiming to achieve this goal are optimistic .

He told reporters that, as of last year, the Shenzhen A total of 20 112 road transport companies, operating 159,600 trucks, which engaged in urban distribution logistics alone, about 60,000 vehicles, these cars may well replace the use of pure electric vehicles logistics, according to the current updated annually eliminated 15% per year can be released 9000 market space, so that these new national energy companies are looking forward to the Shenzhen market. Meanwhile, the government for the promotion of pure electric vehicles logistics positive attitude, expressed the hope that Shenzhen in 2020, the new energy distribution fleet reached 20,000, is expected to follow-up may still be subsidized in terms of vehicle operating segment. promotion Center will actively promote the distribution of subsidy-related urban green policy formulation and implementation as soon as possible. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 深圳上牌電動物流車達8270輛