Board the DEFCON youngest hacker single curious |

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1995 single curiosity is a 360 Unicorn Lab a hacker, but also this year 2016 SyScan360 badge cracker preliminary title of the problem.It is said that the day there are countless people lost in the 10 questions, the anger rushed to the Right, he also boarded the hacking event in 2015 DEFCON podium, the General Assembly more than 20 years of history, 'the youngest white hat.'

In November 30, 2016, a single curious hair made a circle of friends: a good love, girlfriend, design of private homes (now more good words should be discounted later, single curious in Lei Feng editor of the press, The circle of friends is to 'please the girlfriend of art' (the girlfriend has not confirmed the existence of real hair.

Board the DEFCON youngest hacker single curious |

Single curious, or the original formula, the familiar taste.

So that is because in early August this year, Lei Feng net editor interviewed a curious good partner - beauty hacker Zhang Wan bridge, he dug a gossip: a single curious to his girlfriend table loyalty and installed on her computer a Monitor your Trojan.

Although the distance of this girlfriend, a single curious has a wealth of experience (he said, the mentality has long been mature, and now busy, but also 'no time' to do these boring thing, but 'mature' single curious still In an afternoon three hours, with the editor to chat a lot of interesting 'gossip', have to say.

Board the DEFCON youngest hacker single curious |


One day in 1995, I was born my father to the old one to the household registration section, would like to give me entry 'Unique Hao Qi,' the name - vast infinite, very surprised, did not expect the family register aunt inattentive recorded wrong, Father did not see, since the clerical error from the 'single curious' to become my name.

Of course, in fact, I am not a letter .After all, I can not find the aunt of the household registration section to verify, and the old one may be I ask trouble, stall a reason in short, since I am 'curious' - the world is full of curiosity, there is nothing wrong.

In 2007, my first two days, parents finally bought a home computer, with other children, in fact, I use this computer is to play the game, I do not have other excuses to lie with the old single, for example, to say what Learning, the old one is not stupid.

<< computer enthusiasts >> << hacker X files >> << Green Corps >> and so are my enlightenment mentor, these books in my young heart and planted seeds, I began to self-learning network security-related knowledge. Ask me, how to find information in the cyberspace, as long as the know how to turn the wall, what can be found. Oh, yes, English is better.

In the countless days and nights of careful study, I did not choose WEB security and found that WEB security for small I am, or some difficult to get here, God can not get into their own places where God can enter, so I decided to choose To learn anti-virus.

Unfortunately, I went to school in a small town in Anhui, the students around me and no one like me have this hobby, since then, I can only one person in this world Jianzhang horizon.

To Harbin Institute of Technology, I finally found a companion to fight together, but depressed, my professional - electronic information engineering does not give me a great temptation, but fortunately, you can go to the Software Engineering Institute next door rub Course - of course, definitely not to see the hospital girl, the most important point is that, as I gradually improve the level of English, self-learning the door open even more open!


One day, the Harbin Institute of Technology National Institute of secrecy in the classroom for a test.

After the crowd gushed, I strolled to the classroom, found the table there is a student to stay in the papers, a look, hey, confidentiality college for an information security project to recruit people.

I looked at the papers, it is too simple, do not want to do. Think about it, I will contact the papers on the way to find a big boss.

After a while chat, big boss that I am a good level, strokes me into the project team.

Not bragging is that when most people only academic research experience, but I have been concerned about the industry, what is popular in the current industry, or so I rely on 'chat' into the project team, the project team docking A number of small companies, for them to solve information security issues, to provide security recommendations.

Earlier, there are reports that I joined the university during the 'information security team' to participate in various competitions inside and outside the school, the type of game has been extended to the 'penetration test' field, was jokingly called 'racket '.

This is purely nonsense, I did not participate in information security clan, not playing, not because I am not enough, but because I yearn for relaxed and free state, do not like in a very short period of time to do some quick questions, of course, these students I have done, so, 2016 SyScan 360 badge contest 10 preliminary questions in a few questions, as long as you played the CTF game, it is easy to do.

What? Reported that I keep a cat? No, no, as I am so lazy people, how will keep a cat, is a friend foster care in my house a few months.

So, do not read reports, there are problems directly to ask me.


Into the 360 is also a special opportunity.

I was reading junior, has been concerned about the 360 Unicorn team boss Yang Qing microblogging, see Yang Qing in the micro-Bo recruit people, rushed delivery resume.

And Yang Qing chatted and found very speculative, so became the 360 unicorn team interns, after graduation, has become a full member.

In 2015, I and my teammates went to DEFCON's podium to showcase our research - 'Small Cellular Hijacking in Femtocell'.

I am known as the General Assembly more than 20 years of history, 'the youngest white hat'? Do not believe, are public relations said, of course, may be really young, and now do not see the words are caused by the work of destruction.

In China, this device is controlled by the operator, ordinary users can not reach.For example, you move to a new area and found that the signal is poor, the phone is always interrupted, you can By constantly complaining to the operator, said the cell signal is poor, the final operator will allow engineers to install a mysterious small equipment in your home for enhanced signal, the device is 'flying honeycomb.

Board the DEFCON youngest hacker single curious |

I show in the General Assembly on how to black out a 'Flying Honeycomb', and hijack access to the device phone, listen to the user's text messages, voice calls and Internet data information, this attack technology is more fun place, you can also intelligent Car, ATM to attack.

Of course, you may not be able to come into contact with only Sipilailian to find the operator's trouble, people may install the device to you, which can be cracked.

In 2016, I and Zhang Wan bridge and participated in this meeting, but really do not concern me, the results are Zhang Wan Bridge and Huang Lin teacher (360 unicorn team of senior female hackers out, but Zhang Wanqiao counseling, I Only with her a Zhuangzhuang only to.


Into the 360 before, in fact, before me there is a choice - Huawei, and my professional counterparts, but the thought of more than 360 money, it seems more relaxed look, I went to 360.

In the final analysis, or because I am lazy.

I do not like to live in the company's poor living conditions near the old house, so the distance of 8,9 km from the company camped.This leads to a problem - how to do punch card?

I have a research project, can simulate an electronic card, break through our company's punch card system.

This project should be released within 1-2 months, so I have a professional ethics, of course, will be supporting the program, but was improved before, at least I can be lazy for a few days at home punch.

Gossip postscript

How to evaluate the single curiosity? Has been he called \ In the real attitude, the following is the late editor of Lei Feng and Zhang Wan bridge, single curious conversation part of the Record:

EDIT: He has an art girlfriend, is it true or false?

Zhang Wan Bridge: mysterious girlfriend, seems to be.

EDIT: Are you curious about the odds?

Zhang Wan Bridge: hard to say.

EDIT: Can not you say a little more? He's been saying what you're talking about.

Zhang Wan Bridge: I was only in front of him by his counseling, to a comprehensive evaluation of his right, can not simply have to use 'smart' the word to evaluate the Xiaopen friends, a life and work can be high-end elegant addition to his Of course, do not take the unusual way is his typical characteristics, behavior, then I can only think of the term novelty ... on his evaluation of my Well, I personally have been accustomed to He was all day in front of me swaggeringly frightened Joseph, of course, mainly he has the capital of Joseph. You know, even if I praise him, he will not invite me to eat ... ...

EDIT: Is he naive?

Zhang Wan Bridge: No, no, the mind quite mature, after all, experienced rich experience, so basically the key moment is reliable.

EDIT: Finally, what would you like to say to him?

Zhang Wan Bridge: After a good point for me.


Edit: I want to interview Zhang Wan bridge, you need to bribe her?

Single curious: I bribe her why ... ...

EDIT: If she said a lot of praise, would you invite her to dinner?

Single curiosity: I do not lack of people boast, if they are invited to dinner, I starve to death. (Editor's Note: single curiosity has made a circle of friends, his sister spent every month to spend money on this matter Expressed regret.

Edit again asked two mysterious gossip problem, if their voices large ...... you know asking these two questions, a single curious reaction is this: I hope that next time you come to interview, I Travel.

Yes, the following figure is afraid of the editor, was a single curious defensive posture.

Board the DEFCON youngest hacker single curious |

Note: In addition to the last photo shows Lei Feng network shot, the other pictures are 360 Unicorn laboratory leader Yang shot and provide.

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