The State Council issued "the" thirteen five "national information planning"

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BEIJING, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) - The State Council recently issued the State Informatization Plan of the 13th Five-Year Plan (the 'Plan'), which was signed by Premier Li Keqiang. Is the 'thirteen five' national planning system is an important part of the guidance of the 'thirteen five' during the various regional and departmental information on the action guide.

'Planning' that '13th Five-Year Plan' period is leading the overall innovation of information technology to build a new competitive advantage in the country an important strategic opportunity for China from the network power into the network power, the growth of the global Internet leader The key window of information technology is to run from and ran and lead, to seize the strategic high ground of the fierce competition period, but also information and economic and social depth of integration, the full release of new and old kinetic energy of the collaborative burst period, we must strengthen co-ordination , Take the initiative to adapt to and lead a new wave of information revolution.

<< Planning >> stressed that in accordance with the 'five in one' overall layout and 'four comprehensive' strategic layout, firmly establish innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development concept, focus on filling the core technology short board, Information technology development, and strive to play a leading role in information technology, and comprehensively enhance the application of information technology, and strive to meet the general expectations of the broad masses of people and economic and social development of key needs, key breakthroughs to promote information technology to better serve the economic upgrading and improvement of people's livelihood, Efforts to deepen reform, and comprehensively optimize the information technology development environment, in order to build a well-off society as a whole to provide a strong impetus.

'<< Plan >> requirements, we must adhere to Huimin for the purpose of comprehensive deepening reform, service national strategy, global vision development, safety and development of equal importance and other major principles, by 2020,' digital China 'construction has made significant Information technology, and information technology are among the highest in the world, the core technology of independent innovation to achieve a systematic breakthrough, the information infrastructure to achieve the world's leading level, the information economy and the development of information technology environment is increasingly optimized .Information technology and economic and social development of deep integration, digital dividend Information technology to fully support the development of the party and state, national governance system and provide a solid support for the modernization of governance capacity.

'<< Planning >> proposed to lead the innovation-driven, and promote balanced and coordinated to support the green low-carbon, deepen open cooperation, and promote co-construction and sharing to prevent security risks in six main directions, the deployment of the construction of modern information technology and industrial ecology System, the construction of ubiquitous information infrastructure system, the establishment of a unified and open large data system, build a fusion of innovative information economy system to support good governance and efficient national governance system, the formation of Pratt & Whitney convenient information Huimin system, Depth development of military and civilian development system to expand the global network of enterprise development service system, improve the network space management system, improve network security and security system 10 tasks, to determine a new generation of information network technology ahead of deployment, Beidou system construction applications, application infrastructure Construction, data resource sharing and opening up, 'Internet + government services', the beautiful information technology in China, the network of poverty alleviation, the new wisdom of urban construction, online Silk Road building, prosperous network culture, online education Pratt & Whitney, China information service 12 priority Action, and put forward six policies and measures, such as perfecting laws and regulations, innovating institutional mechanism, opening up investment and financing channels, increasing financial and tax support, focusing on team building and optimizing basic environment.

<< Planning >> stressed that the regional and departments in the central network security and information leading group under the unified leadership and co-ordination arrangements, the information work on an important agenda to enhance the integrity of the development of information , Systematic and coordinated. The relevant departments in accordance with the division of responsibilities, decomposition of the detailed tasks, clear completion time, to ensure that the tasks landed.People's governments at all levels should strengthen the organization and implementation of supporting policies, solid and orderly to promote information development of.

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Traditional Chinese: 國務院印發《“十三五”國家信息化規劃》