Taiwan media: the mainland three fleet to the West Pacific Association of military exercises Taiwan military: will be closely grasp

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The picture shows the missile destroyer 'Haikou ship' (right) and the comprehensive supply ship 'Luoma Lake' (left) (Source: << Freedom Times >>)

According to Taiwan << Free Times>> February 12 reported that the mainland Liaoning ship has just ended the voyage sailing exercise, the mainland military announced on the 11th a new round of overseas operations sailing exercises, including one Will be the North Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea Fleet and other three fleet warships, in the Western Pacific waters to join forces exercises.Taiwan military officials said it would closely grasp, keep abreast of and monitor the dynamics of mainland warships.

According to << Free Times >> quoted mainland media reports, by the mainland navy South China Sea fleet missile destroyer 'Changsha ship' 'Haikou ship' and comprehensive supply ship 'Luoma Lake ship' composed of long-distance training formation, has been on the 10th departure from Sanya A military port .After a sea in the South China Sea and the aviation forces and other forces to carry out joint exercises, opened the prelude to the far sea training.

Taiwan military officials said the mainland is the exercise of the South China Sea fleet of three warships, will be through the south of Taiwan's bus strait, and then by the southeastern waters of Taiwan to the western Pacific waters of the three fleet combat exercise. The military will be close to this, always pay attention to and monitor the dynamics of mainland warships.

<< free time >> quoted mainland media reports that the three ships to participate in the training of the sea are the main naval naval ships, ships equipped with three helicopters and dozens of marines, during which will go to the South China Sea, The East Indian Ocean, the Western Pacific and other waters, the actual conditions of joint air defense, anti-terrorism, anti-piracy and maritime defense operations and other training courses, and along the South China Sea fleet forces, southwest sand garrison troops, in the Western Pacific training, , The North Sea Fleet part of the troops to fight against the exercise.

The PLA is the 052D missile destroyer designed and produced by the mainland, equipped with a variety of advanced weapons, with strong regional air defense and operational capability to the sea. Haikou ship 'is China's own design and production of 052C missile destroyer, known as the' China Aegis ', with a strong, long-range air defense combat capability.' Luoma Lake 'is the mainland's own design and production of new ocean comprehensive supply ship , With horizontal, vertical, three-dimensional supply function, which can supply more than two different types of ships, a strong ocean comprehensive supply capacity and a certain degree of sea, air defense combat capability.

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Traditional Chinese: 臺媒:大陸三艦隊赴西太平洋會師演習 臺軍方:將嚴密掌握