2017 The 5th Global Cloud Computing Conference China Station Intercourse Interop Charm Presentation

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With the increasing use of cloud computing services in all walks of life, the cloud computing industry is booming, hosted by UBSM China and acquired by Shanghai Economic and Trade The fifth session of the Global Cloud Computing Conference, led by the Information Technology Commission, will debut at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from September 5 to 17, 2017.

2017 The 5th Global Cloud Computing Conference China Station Intercourse Interop Charm Presentation

2016 exhibition site event

As one of the largest cloud computing activities in China, this year, the conference will usher in the fifth glorious display period, the first introduction of more than three decades of history, the global network communications market one of the largest Interop (International Network Communications Exhibition, At home and abroad two brands show strong combination, both in the exhibition scale or conference guests lineup have a greater upgrade, will be the full range of enterprises to display their own brand a great opportunity.

New Year's courtesy

Since its inception, Interop has not only become one of the industry's largest exhibitions, but also the development of the global network communications market vane, this year its national door, the first landing in China, to promote domestic and foreign enterprises to open up the technical innovation and communication channels. The exhibition scale of nearly 10,000 square meters, at the same time with the annual global cloud computing conference · China station brand characteristics activities, including keynote speeches, technical seminars, special forums, 'Yun Ding Award' selection, corporate CIO seminars, business matching, In the last year attracted 3272 participants on the basis of this year's two major events will attend a new high attendance, is expected to reach 6,000 people, involving finance, electricity, manufacturing, FMCG, retail, education and many Hot areas of the core decision makers.

2017 The 5th Global Cloud Computing Conference China Station Intercourse Interop Charm Presentation

List of previous auditor companies

At present, 2017 the fifth global cloud computing conference and the International Network Communications Exhibition · China Station sponsorship and exhibitors hot in progress, in order to thank the new and old customers for the full support of the General Assembly, March 31 before the registration can be received by the organizers Of the 20% discount opportunities, but also in advance to select the best placements and other forms of sponsorship, at the same time, will also be ahead of the line for end users to display the brand.

The elite blend of the world

Relying on the guidance of national policy, cloud computing industry is facing greater opportunities for development, such as << China made 2025 >>, 'Internet +' strategy continues to advance, all walks of life urgent need to build a cloud computing system to meet the transformation needs. To this end, the global cloud computing conference, the Chinese station for the industry to provide an opportunity for technical interaction between the top domestic and foreign cloud computing vendors, developers, businesses and end users together to discuss the cloud computing market development direction, technological innovation, landing solutions Etc. At the same time, the conference on-site business matching will be more for the enterprise. The conference will be based on the theme of speech, closed-door summit, product display and other forms, focusing on case analysis, vivid technical demonstration for the user buyers to lay a solid basis for decision-making at the same time, And manufacturers exclusive custom 'zero distance, zero communication costs,' the first-class platform.

2017 The 5th Global Cloud Computing Conference China Station Intercourse Interop Charm Presentation

Celebration ceremony

Become a sponsor, you can share your unique cloud computing services content for your customers, create maximum business value for your business, share topics such as cloud infrastructure and practices, cloud security, data technology and artificial intelligence, industry cloud Etc. At the same time, the scene of the conference multi-angle image display is still exhibitors and sponsors not to miss the brand exposure opportunities.

For a full understanding of the conference, focus: http: //www.cloudconnectevent.cn/

More sponsorship information at http://www.cloudconnectevent.cn/en/sponsorship-Opportunities

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