Do not have access to the Internet, micro-connection APP so fire is a reason to drop ... ...

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In the past, when it comes to 'people's reality', people first think of some of the frequent problems in the chicken soup, such as expanding their effective network of people, at the right time to be transformed into life wealth. Opportunities, and so on, but tell the truth, if there is now a real-time access to life, income and other desirable mobile phone APP, you have to try the next?

Over the past few years, dedicated to the majority of urban white-collar workers to provide 'network of cash' services micro-connection APP action frequently, so that the relevant workplace people shines.

'Deep radio and television group television stations have to interview the 'micro-connection' APP, concerned about the mode of convergence.' WeChat friends circle this hot essay was rushed to circulate.

Do not have access to the Internet, micro-connection APP so fire is a reason to drop ... ...

In fact, the 'network of cash' can be regarded as a hot topic, in Sina microblogging, and its associated reading more than 20,000, the discussion crowd covers all walks of life.Through the 'Baidu' search, find Of the relevant results to reach more than 202,000.

According to the micro-connection APP in the official website page, 'micro-connection' is the industry's leading Internet + value-added benefits, aimed at the financial needs to open the second dimension of service enterprises to 0 cost way to achieve personal users Some personal connections.

Simply put, just a simple registration of an account, users can use the 'micro-connection' to introduce the needs of corporate finance around to help solve the financial problems around, while their income can also be income.

'Micro-connection' or a set of convergence, business services, information sharing as one of the system platform, through the financing needs of enterprises to collect and organize, by the formal financial institutions issued a reasonable, reliable financing program, to meet the diversification of small and medium enterprises Demand to provide more comprehensive services.

In the micro-connection APP boot page, is a few in the daily work scene quite representative of the user portrait, respectively, read 'to solve customer funding problems, to provide more value of service' (ERP service staff, 'to solve the problem of supplier funds' Purchasing staff, 'the amount of customer financing is not enough to solve the large amount of customer demand for funds' (financial practitioners, 'to provide professional advice to solve customer funding' (consultants.

Of course, after opening the page after the most watched or 'one button to apply' button, click to fill in the report, spend less than 1 minute, even if you're done. The subsequent project status updates, earnings into account, open APP at any time query.

Micro-connection platform revealed that the user will submit the enterprise information strictly confidential, and in the enterprise to complete the financing to provide incentives for users.

A software company sales Xiaojing Li has been using the APP to submit a demand.He said, micro-connection APP than he imagined even easy to use, simply fill in to complete the submission.While verify the enterprise customers through effective docking, The gap of several million short-term funding needs, his APP account to the accounts of a sum of income. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 人脈變現不用等,微連接APP這麽火是有原因滴……