Apple's large number of market share was robbed actually because of Jobs

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Steve Jobs is one of the greatest innovators and the most visionary business genius in the history of human science, but Jobs also makes a lot of mistakes in the idea that 'consumers do not know what they want'.

So, consumers really do not know what they want? It seems not all. Apple's large number of market share was robbed actually because of Jobs

It is undeniable that Steve Jobs is indeed a genius, he created the 'Apple Empire' to people's life has brought a huge impact.However, look at the history of Apple's development, we will find that Apple's several failures with Steve Jobs too Self-confidence, ignoring the needs of consumers.If Steve Jobs in the market research more efforts to understand the real needs of consumers, his career and the development of Apple's road may be more perfect market is so ruthless, You do not take into account the feelings of consumers, do not blame the consumer is not loyal to you, even if the genius of Jobs, but also respect the 'customer is God' rule.

In the market economy conditions, the consumer's main position has been fully reflected, if the enterprise ignores this point, it will suffer. Any business must always consider the needs of customers, do not think that consumers are not a The field of experts, there is no right to speak in a competitive market environment, if the enterprise can not meet the tastes of consumers, consumers will abandon you in turn, after all, buy and not buy, consumers have the final say. Apple's large number of market share was robbed actually because of Jobs

You can say that 'consumers do not know what they want', but you have to understand what consumers do not want.Enterprise if only focus on innovation and ignore the needs of users, often face a lot of risk.If the user is not for you Of the invention pay, that is, high-tech products can not be sold out.

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Traditional Chinese: 蘋果公司大量的市場份額被搶占居然是因為喬布斯