106-year-old Song Meiling's breakfast recipe

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China's traditional three meals a day is in line with scientific truth, breakfast should be guaranteed, but also pay attention to eating, do not eat breakfast is not desirable. 'Day is the morning' morning is the brain and physical labor of the key time. Breakfast and so on, 90 o'clock will be hungry, lower brain excitement, inattention, work and learning efficiency decline.At the same time due to gastric emptying, the night of the secretion of gastric acid need to eat breakfast food, and not Eat breakfast, stomach acid will stimulate the stomach, so it is gastric ulcer and other gastrointestinal disease incentives. Scientific eating should be 'breakfast to eat good, lunch to eat, dinner to eat less (also experts put forward 'dinner to moderate The distribution of three meals a day to be based on physical conditions and work needs to decide, if one day to eat 500 grams of staple food, then sooner or later to eat 150 grams, that is, 3: 4: 3 distribution ratio more appropriate.

There are many kinds of success, longevity is one of the highest degree of difficulty.Three emperor five emperors, famous minister Titans, put flat the world, but maybe the eternal life in the tug of war with the time, live to 106 years old, across three Century Song Meiling is a rare winner. Adhere to eat healthy breakfast, Song Meiling is one of the successful experience.According to experts said, 'Lady Chiang breakfast' in three versions:

Round Mountain Hotel Deluxe Edition 'Lady Chiang breakfast'

version 1

Taiwan's round mountain hotel has a 'Taiwan imperial dining room,' said in the most hidden archives of the hotel, placed a series of filthy document files, which records the Jiang family-based diet, which This breakfast includes: high fiber juice, almond tea, vegetables with yogurt, American omelette, high fiber toast, cake, fresh fruit, and finally sent a cup of caffeine-free coffee.

This recipe may be the hotel set its Dacheng improved version, so, more suitable for young people, the elderly according to their own appetite and physical condition within their means.

This is a diet that is based on a balanced diet that provides enough energy and nutrients for all kinds of nutrients necessary for human life activities - protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water, dietary fiber, American fried eggs and cakes are responsible for supplementing protein and carbohydrates, American omelette more than eggs, but also contains tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, butter, ham and so on, the nutrient is more comprehensive.

This is a scientific breakfast with a deep connotation of high fiber juice and high fiber toast (rough bread) to provide adequate dietary fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis, shorten the passage of time in the intestinal tract, to prevent toxic substances Absorption, prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. Yogurt can provide a certain amount of calcium, and, inside the calcium through the role of lactic acid bacteria into calcium lactate, more easily absorbed by the body. Yogurt lactose has been lactic acid bacteria into glucose, Like a drink of fresh milk like lactose intolerance problems. Yogurt mixed with vegetables, it is invincible combination of fruit can provide a lot of vitamins and dietary fiber. Coffee help digestion, both refreshing, no caffeine coffee To avoid the caffeine caused by the loss of calcium in the body.Almond tea has the effect of lungs and cough, the treatment of constipation also help.

Healthy brain lower blood pressure daily breakfast

Version 2

According to Song Meiling's doctor said, 'Jiang breakfast breakfast,' the daily version is like this: celery with low-fat salad dressing, plus two pieces of bread coated with cream for her health, the doctor Song Mei Ling occasionally eat a steak and Dessert cake, and finally with a cup of coffee.

Salad dressing is delicious, can make fruit and vegetables suddenly color, taste attractive.However, salad dressing contains a relatively high energy, low-fat salad dressing is a combination of health and delicious choice.

Celery high nutritional value, which contains aromatic oil and a variety of vitamins, a variety of free amino acids and other substances, to promote appetite, lower blood pressure, brain, bowel convenience, detoxification swelling, promote blood circulation and other effects. , Celery may have a certain role in lowering blood pressure, the duration of this effect will increase with the increase in food intake.

Occasionally eat a little steak and cake, is conducive to add protein, carbohydrates and so on.

Version 3

The simplest old breakfast

Song Meiling in old age insist on eating a very simple breakfast: a glass of lemonade, a bowl of oatmeal.

The oatmeal contains a soluble dietary fiber that reduces cholesterol and oat styes in oats to prevent the formation of triglycerides in the oat. The oat bran contains two active enzymes , With lipid-lowering and the role of exclusion of bile acids, to purify the blood.There are studies report that hyperlipidemia patients eat about 50 grams of oats per person per day, after 9 months, plasma triglyceride levels were significantly reduced.

Fresh lemon bubble water Vitamin C content is extremely rich, is the beauty of beauty. It can prevent and eliminate the skin pigmentation, play the role of whitening. Because lemon can relieve calcium ions to promote blood coagulation, lemonade can also prevent and adjuvant treatment Blood pressure and myocardial infarction, and, with antibacterial, improve immunity, to help the formation of collagen and other effects.

Modern national breakfast can be divided into three stages: the first stage, the traditional breakfast, to Nanjing, for example, the second stage, the last century, 90 years, on the basis of traditional breakfast, we said: What is the milk and eggs - to promote the Chinese people's breakfast revolution '(the revolutionary connotation is based on the addition of milk and eggs on the basis of carbohydrates),' milk nurtured a new life ',' eggs gave birth to a new life ' , 'A cup of milk strong a nation', these ideas have been recognized and put into practice, greatly promoted the improvement of the quality of the people.The third stage, that is, we are today to promote the construction of well-off journey, the author once again called Attention to breakfast, advocate national health breakfast, national breakfast on the basis of traditional breakfast, not only to increase the milk and eggs, but also increase the fruits and vegetables, as well as the nutrients, to further promote the Chinese people's breakfast to science and happiness.

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