Morning action a good effect

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Morning action a good effect

According to << family doctor newspaper >> reported that life, many people suffer from constipation .At this time, you can spend a few minutes in the morning exercise time to turn the waist, can play a role in improving constipation.

Two feet off the shoulder width, two knees flexion, upper body to maintain integrity, his hands on his hips, eyes in front, the shoulder to relax, breathe naturally, and then began to 'turn.' Do when the attention to the small abdomen rotation to navel For the axis, turn clockwise and counterclockwise direction. Turn the waist when the action should be gentle and coherent.

As the abdomen corresponds to the small intestine, large intestine and other organs, so the waist can promote intestinal peristalsis, to help digestion and absorption, and thus play a role in improving constipation.In addition, the 'waist for the kidney of the House', so the waist can also play The role of kidney.

But in the exercise of the time to pay attention to the number of times before the exercise should not be too much, every morning and front direction of each turn three or five laps can be combined with their own physical condition, slowly increase the number of turns. 200 to 300 laps, the time is about 15 minutes.

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Traditional Chinese: 晨起一個動作通便效果好