Four kinds of food is difficult to live longer than longevity so eat

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A bowl of rice and a cobbled head in front of you will choose what? In a piece of watermelon and a grapefruit between, you will choose which meal after dinner? On the table to see the onion and garlic, you will ignore them In life, we often love those sweet, fine, fragrant food, do not like bitter, rough, tasty food, and precisely in these poor taste of food, there is an unexpected nutritional and health elements.

Rough food

Some people prefer fine rice and flour products, do not like brown rice and Wotou, because they eat 'bar throat.' In fact, 'throat' is the precious dietary fiber, it can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, help defecation, and Change the type and number of intestinal microbes and reduce the generation of carcinogens. Dietary fiber is widely found in the rough taste of food, including whole grains of rice, wheat and miscellaneous beans, such as brown rice, oats, red beans, etc. To prevent constipation and colorectal cancer , The daily should ensure that intake of 20-30 grams of dietary fiber.It is recommended to give up the traditional white rice ginger, change the miscellaneous grains porridge, fine white rice to whole wheat bread.

Astringent food

The presence of tannins, phytic acids and oxalic acid causes astringent food because they combine and precipitate the saliva protein in the mouth, so that the saliva is less lubricated, the tongue epithelium shrinks and produces astringency, but these substances have Strong antioxidant, beneficial for the prevention of diabetes and hyperlipidemia, such as olives, purple grape skin, apple peel, walnut skin, they are more than the pulp has a stronger antioxidant effect.It is recommended that apple and grapes are best to eat with the skin Eat walnut do not put that layer of brown skin removed.

Sour food

In contrast, the sourness of these fruits mainly from citric acid, malic acid and other organic acids, these natural acidic substances can be. In fact, these fruits are mainly from citric acid, malic acid and other organic acids, these natural acidic substances can be To promote the absorption of iron and other minerals.If you feel sour taste of food is not good, you can make them fruit soup, add a small amount of rock sugar, frozen into the refrigerator, the taste will be greatly improved.

Bitter food

Natural bitter substances in food also have a certain role in health care, such as lemon and grapefruit among the naringin, tea inside the tea polyphenols, red wine inside the polyphenols and chocolate inside the polyphenols, are helpful to prevent cancer and heart The composition of the disease. Bitter gourd quinine fine, but also improve the body's immune system to help control blood sugar.Therefore, the fruit must be with the food, can not eat sweet, but also appropriate to eat bitter, sour. Of grapefruit skin, do not throw away, you can cut into strips made of honey grapefruit tea.For bitter gourd, it will be boiled with hot water, iced can be dipped in honey consumption. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 四類食物難吃卻能延壽 想長壽就這麽吃