Men kidney deficiency nine obvious signal

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In fact, the function of the kidney greatly exceeds the scope of the urinary system, it is with the body's growth, aging, intelligence, fertility are closely related. In fact, the kidney function is much more than the scope of the urinary system, What are the symptoms of men's kidney deficiency?

Men kidney deficiency nine obvious signal


'Cold' refers to the feeling of cold and fear of the wind. 'Limb cold' refers to the limbs hands and feet cold, and even cold to elbow, knee symptoms.

'Typhoid limb cold' is often accompanied by Yaoxisuan pain, Shenpi tired lying, less gas lazy words, mouth light is not thirsty and other kidney deficiency disease. In addition to serving the Jinkui Shenqi pills, ginger can also be used to burn dog meat, Cold, strong Yang Yijing effect, the method is: dog meat 1000 grams, washed, cut into small pieces, ginger 150 grams simmer cooked. Will be cooked with 30 grams into the casserole, fried for 2 hours, and then the dog meat, Garlic, ginger into the amount of water until the dog boiled can be eaten.

Excessive sexual intercourse

Kidney essence and kidney yang in the human body interdependence, mutual restraint, to maintain the physiological balance of the human body. If this balance is damaged or a side of the recession will occur lesions, men will appear impotence premature ejaculation, slimming, semen and other diseases.

When you are in bed with his girlfriend or wife 'happy', please pay attention to 'degree', if long-term indulge in sexual life or masturbation too frequent, often there will be lack of energy, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, back pain and other kidney Appropriate arrangement of your 'bed movement' time and frequency is the best way to solve the problem.

Dizziness, weakness, insomnia and more dreams

[Analysis] kidney as one of the important organs of the body nourish and warm the other organs, if other organs long illness, it is easy to hurt the kidney.Many chronic diseases such as chronic hepatitis, coronary heart disease, bronchial asthma, hypertension and other patients, Often accompanied by kidney symptoms.

To cure the kidney, completely cure other organs of the disease is the fundamental way, otherwise they are 'palliative' move.


[Analysis] kidney 'breathing' function. Because kidney deficiency can not be satisfied gas, it will cause shortness of breath, shortness of breath, so that you feel it is difficult to breathe fast breathing, accompanied by asthma may also be breathing, cold sweat Straight and other symptoms.

Clinically, asthma to cure must cut off the root cause, through the kidney and gas, enhance physical fitness to relieve symptoms, reduce the chance of recurrence. Recommended kidney satisfied that the soup for the cough and asthma,

Low back pain

Analysis of low back pain is basically kidney deficiency, can be divided into internal injuries and strain. Internal injury kidney deficiency generally refers to congenital deficiency, chronic illness physically weak or fatigue caused by the light is difficult to bend over or upright, severe heel pain, waist fatigue embolism, (Including the use of computers, driving, etc.), for a long time will damage the kidney qi, resulting in insufficient kidney essence.If there is frequent low back pain, and rest can not solve the problem, then it will not be able to solve the problem, To consider the way through the kidney to solve, such as Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Jinkui Shenqi pills, Dabuyin pills.

Nighttime polyuria

[Analysis] the general number of nocturia in more than 2 times, or urine output more than 1/4 of the day, severe nocturnal urine once a day, urine output close to or more than the amount of urine during the day, such a situation is ' The

Daytime urine normal, nocturnal urine, it is the characteristics of this disease, mostly due to kidney weakness caused by .To thoroughly cure, we must seize the warmth of congenital kidney yang of the main link, The role, in order to get the effect of Yang Fu Yin back.

Dizziness and tinnitus

Many people experience the feeling of dizziness, the kind of eye flowers, dizzy, nausea and vomiting taste is not easy, and dizziness patients often accompanied by tinnitus sound, hinder hearing, long down, and even lead to deafness. Tinnitus causes more liver and kidney.

Chinese medicine on the 'kidney possession of marrow, marrow together for the brain', so kidney deficiency can lead to lack of marrow, brain loss, dizziness, tinnitus .Treatment should be added kidney qi, fine is full of marrow, dizziness, tinnitus It can be eliminated naturally.


Resuscitation of people often because of defecation difficulties appear anal fissure, hemorrhoids embolism, affect the work, life, miserable.Although the constipation belongs to the large intestine conduction dysfunction, but its roots are due to kidney deficiency, because the kidney resuscitation In the second yin, the main two will, stool conduction through the kidney to stimulate and nourish to normal play a role.

Treatment of constipation should start from the treatment of kidney deficiency, eat some Bushen Yang, Yijing blood, laxative and other effects of Chinese medicine, such as hemp seed, fleece-flower root.

Backache leg pain, urinary frequency urgency

[Analysis] for a long time the body stiff to sit in the car, plus driving spirit of tension, over time the formation of qi stagnation and eventually lead to kidney deficiency.

The doctor suggested that driving about an hour or so, to get off the stretch bones, by the way to solve the urgent, do not hold back urine, to know for a long time holding urine can cause urinary frequency, urgency, enuresis, abdominal pain and nocturia increased symptoms The

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