Wet evil is not removed, March the most difficult!

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Dampness is one of the six Chinese medicine, the cause of the disease or exogenous dampness, wet outside because of the humid climate, wading rain, living in the wet, or due to moisture caused by alcohol addicted to or Food is cold, so that spleen Yang lost, wet from the endogenous.

After the spring, the rain in the southern region increased, the natural environment of the evil evil, easy to violate the human body.At the same time, the spring of all things germination, but also the fastest growing season of bacteria growth, bacteria easily invade the human body, causing decreased resistance, wet evil is also easier to capture 'Fragile' human body.

The human body to experience the 'internal and external' wet evil invasion, Chinese medicine will be due to the damp environment caused by wet evil disease, known as 'outside the wet.'

Inflammation, flu, flu, allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, gastrointestinal discomfort, urinary system diseases, spine joint pain and other common spring disease in the south.

Wet evil is not removed, March the most difficult! National medicine master to Weapon, spring disease are running light!

Moisture is not removed

Sickness into the road

In the face of 'back to the south' phenomenon, all diseases are taking advantage of a 'wet' word, 'dampness' will become a spring health key words.

Therefore, health regiment for everyone to summarize the following several vulnerable to the invasion of evil people and symptoms of the performance, and recommended the doctor of medicine, Professor Lu Zhizheng symptomatic dampness side.

Wet evil symptoms:

Tongue: thick greasy tongue, both sides of the teeth marks, brushing the total feeling is not refreshing.

Stool: stool pond rotten, sticky bad mood, the toilet is difficult to clean, very few have constipation

Body: fat people generally wet.

Mental state: mind drowsy, physically sleepy, always sleep enough, do not want to move.

Rash form: swelling, erosion, exudation obvious.

Itching parts: moisture heavy cloud, easy to violate the lower body, such as scrotum, calf, feet.

Chinese medicine practitioner Professor Lu Zhizheng spent 30 hours to study the impact of moisture on the human body, road old summed up: wet non-a disease, all diseases and diseases, the following few recipes the most practical most symptomatic for your reference.

Wet evil in the mouth

Bad breath, mouth sputum, smell

Moisturizing performance in the mouth is sputum, which is not the respiratory tract up the spit: the light of the mouth there is the feeling of sticky bad mood, mouth pull sticky, heavy spit out all the sputum of the same material, are called sputum.

Such as a part of the brain disease, or epilepsy patients. When the attack, the mouth spit viscous mucus.When the stroke occurs, the throat phlegm is like a saw.

Road old prescription: capillaris jujube water

Usage: Artemisia capillaris 30 grams, jujube 10. Will jujube broken broken, and capillaris were wok, add water 500 ml, fry to 300 ml. 1 to 2 times jujube, soup.

Wet evil in the spleen

Diarrhea, constipation

Dampness in the performance of the spleen can be diarrhea, can also be constipation.


Non-infectious diarrhea is mostly caused by wet evil, for dampness caused by diarrhea in the spleen, the treatment should be spleen qi, deodorant diarrhea, Chinese medicine in the ancient side there is a special case of this prescription syrup The

Ordinary people if the spleen has dampness, can be bought in the pharmacy to buy ginseng white surgery pill, with jujube hot water delivery service.

In addition, Poria and Atractylodes are Shenlingbaizhu scattered in the traditional Chinese medicine, a spleen, a dampness, both boiled water or tea drink also spleen diarrhea role.

Road old experience side: Poria Atractylodes tea

Usage: Poria 10 grams, fried Atractylodes 10 grams, the two clean, cook together on behalf of the tea, you can spleen dampness, diarrhea.


If the wet evil in the spleen of the performance of constipation: stool sticky unhappy, want to endless, texture quit, defecation for a long time, many for more than half an hour.

Road old experience side: radish scattered

Usage: fried radish 1.5 grams, the radish seed grinding powder, blunt. Each time 1.5 grams, morning and evening water to send.

Wet evil in the head


Due to phlegm and headache patients, often more plump body, usually diet section, like sweet and sweet. Such patients can drink three kernel tea.

Road old experience side: three kernel tea

Usage: fried almonds 9 grams, 30 grams of raw yiyiren, melon kernel 10 grams, ginger 2. Wash all the materials, add water with boiling, on behalf of the tea frequency drink.

This tea has a heat dampness, Tongli waterway effect, apply to the first heavy hair Mongolia, especially cloudy heavier. Note that melon can not eat directly, to be broken and then boiled water.

Wet evil in the skin

Eczema, athlete's foot (tinea pedis)

A lot of skin problems, in fact, in the final analysis are caused by hot and humid, the most common is eczema, tinea pedis.

Eczema patients can be planted at home a pot of aloe vera, in the acute eczema attack can be used aloe leaf, or a lot of skin cream to wipe the affected area, can play the role of itching.If there is exudate do not use this approach The

If the tinea pedis is not very serious, you can not use decoction, every night after the feet, sprinkle with prickly heat powder, stick to it can be cured.

Severe cases can choose some dampness of traditional Chinese medicine, decoction after external use of foot, there is the role of adjuvant treatment of tinea pedis. Cnidium bitter taste of traditional Chinese medicine bitter temperature, dampness Qufeng, the body caused by wet weight tinea pedis Nice effect.

Road old experience side: Cnidium tablets cure tinea pedis

Usage: Cnidium, Xanthium, 100, dry alum, the skin of the 20 grams of these drugs will be wrapped up, add 1000 ml of water, fry for 15 minutes with a hot dampness, Qufeng itching effect , For tinea pedis blisters or more erosion.

Dosage: the liquid into the basin, when the temperature will be soaked in the liquid soak in the liquid for 30 minutes a day, soaked 2 times, 7 for a course of treatment.Note that the water temperature should not be too high, so as not to aggravate the condition The

Other dampness small method

From the internal environment, one side of the soil and water to support a person, living in the south of the human body will gradually become hot and humid as the basis, in the water vapor lingering season, it should be the body of the moisture discharge.

In Chinese medicine, in addition to diet conditioning, the more simple method can be dampness the following:

Sports Qushi: Sports sweating is a very good way to moisture, through a reasonable exercise perspiration to the body inside the moisture out of the spring yang hair, if the weather allows the sun to do some aerobic exercise So as to achieve micro-sweating, you can maintain the body's ability to regulate humidity.

▌ Ai grass fouling method: lit moxa in God Que, air sea, Guan Yuan points were moxibustion 10 to 15 minutes.

▌ ginger fumigation method: every morning to eat three ginger, ginger can play the role of temperature and humidity, but for their own body is not suitable for heat.

From the outside environment, indoor dehumidification is also a very important step.According to some home experts in the experiment, make good use of the kitchen in the natural dehumidifier can beat 'back to the South'.

Soda powder: the kitchen can be readily available in the soda powder can absorb moisture, agglomeration can also be used as a detergent, brush bath, sink, washbasin, etc., to oil decontamination and mildew, the effect is quite good.

▌ coffee grounds: drink the remaining coffee residue both moisture, deodorant double effect, into the gauze bag, stockings, is a convenient small dehumidifier package.

▌ Washing powder: open a new washing powder, pour it into the wet tissue box, put in the need for dehumidification of the corner. Washing powder after the caking can still wash clothes, that is not a waste. Special Note: detergent dehumidifier To avoid the vicinity of the rice cylinder, so as not to absorb the taste of white powder.

Above these are the health Jun for everyone to sum up the dampness method, a good collection and high-speed family friends, which grinding the three or four months will be able to easily, I wish everyone happy weekend.

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Traditional Chinese: 濕邪不除,三月四月最難熬!