One day is not defecation is equal to smoking three packs of cigarettes?

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'No one smoking at home, and the harm of tobacco certainly eight pole could not beat it.' Do not worry, recently a new saying, one day is not defecation is equivalent to smoking three packs of cigarettes.

'The reason is true, because the accumulation of intestinal metabolites, not timely discharge, the accumulation of a certain amount of toxins, like nicotine as the body caused harm.' Experts say, but do not overkill, one day defecation is not smooth on the tension.

One day is not defecation is equal to smoking three packs of cigarettes?

Three days not row, to see a doctor

In general, if the three consecutive days of defecation is not smooth, and often bloating, feeling gastrointestinal uncomfortable, there is no gas row, etc., it is best to see a doctor, do not take their own laxatives.

Squatting for three minutes, can not get up

Prevention of constipation, culture and timing is most important.

Training is slowly, squatting time do not be too long, 3 to 5 minutes can be, even squatting for 5 minutes without, up there will be intended to go also OK. Timing is a fixed time, not today, seven o'clock tomorrow. Late for an hour is nothing, for the intestinal tract, the difference is big. Time is not fixed, the law of intestinal activities on the chaos.

Three meals a day is not balanced, the most constipation

A constipation, many people immediately began to eat raw milk raw materials, hoping to immediately ease, it is not true, constipation that your recent way of life there is a problem, the meal is not balanced, but also may be more coarse food to eat it The

Therefore, the emergence of constipation must first adjust the dietary structure, chicken and duck meat, vegetables, fruits, coarse grains, should eat. On this basis, the appropriate use of some word of mouth, like drinking honey, eating yogurt and other auxiliary relief.

7 kinds of 'sink' killer, make you a relaxed

1, konjac tofu: intestinal light 'positive energy'

Weight loss holy product konjac tofu contains beam hydrogel fiber, greatly promoted the intestinal function of the physiological function of peristalsis, reducing it every day to bear the 'various pressures.'

In addition, konjac tofu in the dietary fiber, the main ingredient is glucomannan, can form a protective film in the intestinal wall, shorten the residence time of food, remove intestinal waste, effectively let the intestinal tract in a benign activity.

Clean bowel constipation so eat:

Will be konjac tofu slices, in the salt water for 2-3 minutes to remove, you can add any fish soup, or chicken soup, small fire slow stew, taste more and more fragrant, which will be all the nutrients released, the body absorb.

2, black fungus: intestinal cleaning 'part-time'

Black fungus is the most important part of the bowel age, which contains the plant gum has a strong ability to adsorb in a short time can be adsorbed in the intestine of unhealthy substances, such as dust and impurities, and its concentration Excreted, played a role in cleaning the blood and washing the intestines.

Clean bowel constipation so eat:

Cold law can be the best of the nutrition of the black fungus: the bubble made of good black fungus torn into small pieces, and green pepper and carrots shredded together with the black fungus Zhuo cooked, Liang Liang after the personal taste in accordance with the individual Stirring can be.

3, brown rice: intestinal dredge 'plumber'

Brown rice is rich in B vitamins, vitamin E, can effectively improve the human immune system, promote blood circulation, for the intestinal transport of a steady stream of energy.In addition, the potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese and other trace elements, As well as a large number of dietary fiber, can promote intestinal proliferation of beneficial bacteria, prevention of constipation and colorectal cancer.

Clean bowel constipation so eat:

Wash the brown rice, soak in the water for two hours, drain the spare. Will be small ribs, sea rice, brown rice on the pot, add 8 cups of water with Zhu Chengyu, and then sprinkle with pepper can be. Week to drink 2 times, you can ensure that intestinal absorption of brown rice contains the renin.

4, apple: intestinal detoxification 'instrument'

There is a proverb: 'An apple a day keeps doctor away!' The most obvious effect for health is: to promote intestinal detoxification - contains galacturonic acid, pectin, the toxins in the intestinal tract to a minimum , Of which the soluble cellulose, effectively increasing the discharge function of the stool, let you bid farewell to the 'belly woman' to ensure the normal operation of intestinal circulation.

Clean bowel constipation so eat:

Apple skin contains a lot of rich antioxidant activity of the material, can reduce the speed of intestinal aging.To this, please be sure to eat with the apple Oh!

5, peanut: intestinal moisturizing 'Huarong Road'

The study of the School of Public Health, Taiwan Medical University showed that peanuts had a good effect on the strong intestine because of the effect of peanut spleen on the spleen, smoothing and resuscitation, and the unique phytic acid , Plant sterols and other special substances, but also increase the toughness of the intestine, so that the ability to resist external intrusion continues to increase.

Clean bowel constipation so eat:

Health experts pointed out that every day to eat 5-6 tablets of boiled peanuts, will be able to strengthen the intestinal tract, because boiled peanut nutrition and will not be destroyed, eat safe, easy to absorb, white-collar for the bowel 'slimming' the most Good choice.

6, celery: intestinal happy 'excitement code'

Celery can produce lignin after digestion through the intestine, which is a strong antioxidant that effectively inhibits the production of carcinogens in the intestine and accelerates the running time of the feces in the intestines, keeps the gut and is healthy Movement rhythm.

Clean bowel constipation so eat:

With celery soup, and then salt, milk, two tablespoons of flour added to the soup, pot can enjoy this soup delicious appetizer, health, I believe you will fall in love with it in a short time!

7, pig blood: intestinal detoxification 'digestive enzyme'

Pig blood protein in the digestive enzyme decomposition, will produce detoxification of the material, when the intestine to absorb metal particles, it will react with this material, and shorten its stay in the human body time to finally let it Directly from the body, its harm to the body to a minimum.

Clean bowel constipation so eat:

With pig blood, carp meat, rice porridge, you can put some ginger, remove the smell of carp meat, a small bowl a day can prevent colon cancer, and effectively help intestinal disinfection. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 一天不排便等於吸三包煙?