Banana ten unknown effect: so eat anti-gout

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Banana nutrient is very rich, per gram of pulp containing protein 1.2 grams, fat 0.5 grams, carbohydrates 19.5 grams, 0.9 grams of crude fiber, also contains carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and rich trace elements potassium, etc. found , Banana health effect a lot.

1, the prevention of cardiovascular disease. When the body of potassium, there will be arrhythmia, tachycardia, blood pressure, etc., a banana potassium 400 pounds, potassium can maintain the coordination of normal myocardial contraction, Muscle excitability to maintain normal, so that myocardial contraction and diastolic function coordination, which play a maintenance of blood pressure stability and prevention of cardiovascular disease effect.

2, the prevention and treatment of hypokalemia. After exercise, the body discharge a lot of sweat, potassium also will be discharged, resulting in limb weakness, a large number of vomiting or diarrhea or long-term use of potassium diuretics, will lead to lower serum potassium concentration, The best potassium food, can effectively prevent hypokalemia.

3, anti-dementia. Eat bananas help to improve mental, improve learning ability, improve alertness, to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

4, the prevention and treatment of depression. Banana contains a certain amount of serotonin and synthetic serotonin substances, can make people feel comfortable, help prevent depression.

5, the prevention of gastric and duodenal ulcer. Banana contains a 5-hydroxytryptamine chemical substances, can relieve gastric acid gastric mucosal irritation, promote mucosal cell growth and reproduction, thereby repairing various ulcer lesions, prevention Gastric ulcer.

6, anti-constipation. Banana rich in dietary fiber pectin, can promote bowel movements, so that bowel movements smooth. Adhere to sleep at night before eating a banana can effectively relieve habitual constipation. Chinese medicine, banana sweet, cold Cold can Qingchang heat, sweet to laxative, more suitable for the heat caused by the stomach heat, the disease see the stool dry knot, urine short red, red face heat, or both abdominal distension and abdominal pain, dry mouth and bad breath Can be 1 to 2 hours after dinner eating bananas, 1 to 2 per day is appropriate.

7, to prevent gout. Edible potassium-rich bananas, help to reduce the precipitation of uric acid crystals in the joints, to help the body excretion of uric acid.

8, to alleviate the eyes discomfort.When the human intake of salt too much, will lead to a large number of cells in the water, causing eye redness. Banana potassium can help the body to discharge these excess salt, so that potassium and sodium balance, relieve eye discomfort Banana contains a lot of carotene, to a certain extent, ease eye fatigue, to avoid premature aging of the eyes.

9, to eliminate itching. Banana skin contains inhibition of bacterial growth and reproduction of banana peptide, sweat, hand, foot and so on caused by skin pruritus can be applied to the affected area of banana peel, eliminate itching.

10, to improve immunity through the animal experiments found that bananas have a certain inhibition of cancer cells, can improve the body immunity. Japan's Imperial University through animal testing, comparison bananas, grapes, apples, watermelon, pineapple, pear and persimmon and other Fruit immune activity, found that the banana is the best, because the banana contains a known as 'trinitrofluorenone' (TNF of the anti-cancer, there is an increase in white blood cells, can improve the immune system function.


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Traditional Chinese: 香蕉十大不為人知的功效:這樣吃防痛風