Women drink five major benefits of wine: so drink beauty anti-cancer

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A number of studies have confirmed that drinking red wine is healthy and that red wine also has the effect of preventing hearing loss, and it is believed that resveratrol, a potent chemical in red wine, plays a key role. Cancer and prevent the role of heart disease in the new study, the United States Detroit, Henry Ford Hospital researchers to the health of rats injected resveratrol, and then placed in a huge noise environment, and then its hearing damage test The results showed that the rats injected with resveratrol had less noise - induced deafness.

Women drink plenty of red wine

The focus of the new study is the impact of resveratrol and its effects on the body's response to injury, which is considered to include dementia, cancer, aging and hearing loss, according to Dr. Michael Sedmann, the new research director. Resveratrol is a potent chemical that prevents human inflammation, relieves aging and cognitive (brain function) and hearing loss.

According to the survey, hearing loss problems plagued half of the crowd over the age of 60, many people hearing loss problems from the age of forty-five began .Heat loss is usually due to inner ear plush cells caused by apoptosis, mostly for human aging results The

The study found that resveratrol can prevent deafness and noise from hearing damage, and that resveratrol can reduce the level of hearing loss and cognitive decline in rats.

Red wine is a woman's wine

Ordinary women do not drink, women do not drink the general wine, drinking a woman is not general

Red wine is a woman, especially mature woman, not so bright red, but pleasing to the eye, and overflowing fragrance.

A quiet woman, in their own homes, take off high heels, fibrin hands holding a transparent crystal cup, to the balcony on the sea, sitting in a rattan chair, slowly shaking red liquid, with the red lips slowly Soaked with plump mellow. Only this kind of interesting woman can bloom like the same as the beauty of red wine.

What are the benefits of a woman drinking red wine?

1, red wine can increase the bright colors of appetite wine, clear and transparent body, make people pleasing to the eye; into the cup, fruit and wine in the nose; tasting tannin microstrip astringent taste, promote appetite. In a comfortable, eupe state, is conducive to physical and mental health.

2, red wine for the ladies, but also from the role of beauty beauty.It is through the promotion of metabolism, scavenging oxygen free radicals, nutrition, skin tissue, so that the women's skin more delicate, more vitality, but also show a glorious style. For men, red wine can blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, relax, help activate the immune nerve network, play a role in slowing the aging of the reproductive system.

3, red wine can help digestion The wine can stimulate the gastric acid secretion of gastric juice, every 60-100 grams of wine can make gastric juice secretion increased by 120 ml of wine tannin material, can increase the intestinal muscle system smooth muscle fiber contraction, adjust the colon The sweet white wine contains sorbitol, potassium tartrate, potassium sulfate, potassium oxide content is high, with diuretic effect, to prevent constipation, kidney stones.

4, red wine has weight loss 30 minutes before going to bed to eat 'cheese + red wine' to lose weight, this is because the red wine with alcohol, can help to sleep.While the slow metabolism, low temperature, eating cheese and drinking wine can produce heat and accelerate Metabolism, while sleeping can consume body fat, in order to achieve weight-loss effect.

5, red wine to prevent cancer. Grape skin contains resveratrol, anti-cancer performance in hundreds of common human plants in the best. Can prevent normal cell cancer, and can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in a variety of wine , The highest content of resveratrol in red wine, because resveratrol can reduce the ability of cancer cells, so red wine is to prevent cancer to share.

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Traditional Chinese: 女人喝紅酒的五大好處:這樣喝美顏防癌