Quick cleansing coup emptying intestinal garbage

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Quick cleansing clever cleansing intestinal garbage

People's Liberation Army No. 458 Hospital, director of colorectal surgery, when the chief physician Shi Zhang

Treatment of constipation in the long run to improve the living habits, but can not row will Biede uncomfortable, you can try this can solve the urgent small coup - eat noodles, put more sesame oil, add a few cabbage, Eat banana tube much more.

'Gastrointestinal digestion of oil is limited, if the oil intake is several times higher than normal, can not absorb the oil directly into the large intestine, play the effect of lubrication of the intestines.' Clinically, the physician also to the intestinal obstruction of patients with gastric tube 30 to 40 ml sesame oil practice, other edible oil can also, but sesame oil taste better.

Shi Jie stressed that constipation is a comprehensive factor, in the long run, should keep the law of life diet, drink plenty of water, eat more water. Radish, melon, pasta, corn, corn soup and other food, but also improve the simple function In addition, walking is also very important, sedentary, the body will be missing from the station to sit 'defecation reflex.' (Excerpts

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Traditional Chinese: 快速清腸妙招 排空腸道垃圾