Four salad detoxification constipation must eat!

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Long time constipation will lead to your body within the city growth, but also to the face to bring a lot of speckled, how detoxification was healthy, Chinese medicine experts said: eat fruit can effectively help the body toxins to make the body more healthy.

Source: Oriental IC

4 kinds of fruit detoxification beauty:

1, cherry

Cherry flesh can remove toxins and unclean body fluids, and thus detoxification of the kidney has a considerable auxiliary effect, as well as mild laxative effect.Cho choice, the best choice of fruit full of solid, with Cherry with green stems.

2, strawberry

Is not negligible detoxification fruit, calorie is not high, but also contains vitamin C. In natural therapy, strawberries can be used to clean the gastrointestinal tract, and strengthen the liver.However, allergic to aspirin and gastrointestinal function is not good, unfit for human consumption.

3, apple

If you are afraid of fat, Apple is a good choice.In addition to the rich dietary fiber, it contains galacturonic acid on the detoxification is very helpful, and pectin can avoid food in the intestines.When choosing the apple, do not forget Often change the different colors of apple varieties, the effect is better.

4, grapes

Now almost all year round can eat the deep purple grapes, but also has the effect of detoxification.It can help the intestinal mucus composition to help the liver, intestines, stomach, kidney to remove the body of garbage. The only small drawback is the heat a bit high, 40 grapes are equivalent to 2 apples calories.

Eat some fruit every day to effectively detoxify the body, so that the body is not so burdened.

Weekly special salad can also detoxification

Nectarine salad

Cut the fresh nectar into thin slices, mix onion silk, lettuce silk, cucumber silk, add a little chili sauce mixed with olive oil and vinegar composed of mixed juice, a fresh salad came out!

Roasted Asian salad

Will be green pepper, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms and other vegetables baked about, sprinkled with olive oil, vinegar, mustard sauce, salt, pepper mixture of sauce, baked taste has a delicious taste, but also Nice taste oh!

Fruit pasta salad

Will be apple, pear, thin ham, cheese chopped spare, macaroni cooked, add a little chili powder and vinegar, the broken fruits and vegetables into the macaroni, fresh and delicious fruit pasta salad can be.

New potato salad

Potatoes with soft cream and cream is a great match, we can also add a little potatoes in the new potato salad, onion and fresh herbs. Potato nutrition is very rich, especially for the skin Oh well Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 四款沙拉排毒防便秘 必須吃!