24 hours to prevent hemorrhoids life guide

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24 hour antihypertensive guide

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Zheng Lihua, Ph.D., chief physician, two director of Chinese and Japanese hospital anorectal department, executive director of anorectal branch of Chinese medicine society

There is a disease in the world, so that many people suffer torture, it is extremely high incidence, serious will be painful, it is easy to cause a variety of diseases, such as lead to anemia, and even cover the symptoms of rectal cancer, it is a It is hemorrhoids, the latest figures show that the prevalence of hemorrhoids was 49.14%, that is 100 people will be nearly half of the suffering of the disease, the patient is not willing to go to the hospital for treatment, so many people, especially women, Have the disease.

Most of the years before the human ancestors chose to walk upright, so that the upper limb can be liberated, greatly expanding the brain capacity, but the side effect is that, as the human walking upright, the rectal vein Evolution did not keep up, did not form a vein like vein vein (blood reflux when the venous valve closed, can reduce blood reflux, leading to rectal venous blood reflux by gravity, causing reflux, causing blood deposition, so that venous dilatation The formation of varicose veins, and thus the formation of hemorrhoids. Animal is a limb to the ground, by the gravity pressure is small, it will not get hemorrhoids.

The anus is very fine, nerve-rich special organs. According to the different parts of the hemorrhoids are divided into internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids. Many people think that long in the anus is outside the hemorrhoids, anal internal hemorrhoids, this understanding is wrong (Internal and external hemorrhoids is a dentate line (in the anal canal skin and rectal mucosa at the junction of a jagged line division, dentate line above the varicose veins for internal hemorrhoids, dentate line for the external hemorrhoids, both internal hemorrhoids And external hemorrhoids for the mixed hemorrhoids, is the internal hemorrhoids through the venous plexus and the corresponding external hemorrhoids fusion, that is, the upper and lower venous plexus anastomosis.

Clinically, often patients will ask, 'three kinds of hemorrhoids, which is more dangerous'? In fact, not what kind of hemorrhoids more dangerous, each hemorrhoid development to the final stage will be very serious, such as internal hemorrhoids, bleeding serious, will lead to Hemorrhagic anemia, severe can cause syncope, shock. External hemorrhoids if thrombosis or inflammatory edema, mainly in pain, should be timely medical treatment. Otherwise, the situation will increase, will cause tissue necrosis. Mixed hemorrhoids if not timely surgery, but also extremely dangerous , Will cause infection, necrosis, and even lead to systemic infection, severe crisis.

According to the severity, hemorrhoids can be divided into four stages: the first phase, the main blood, not prolapse, slightly uplift, the second phase, hemorrhoids prolapse, but also their own satisfied, the size of peanuts or walnut, the third phase, Also satisfied, need to hand back, hemorrhoids have a single nuclear prolapse, there are ring out of the single nuclear is a hemorrhoid out, ring like a circle of small tomatoes, hemorrhoids into a circle, out, the fourth , Mixed hemorrhoids incarcerated, hemorrhoids prolapse can not be satisfied, there thrombosis and inflammatory edema, a serious impact on life.

A lot of people have hemorrhoids and toilet time long close. Defecation when playing mobile phones, watching newspapers, etc., will cause distraction, so that defecation time, abdominal pressure increased, venous return obstruction, anal local congestion and edema, easily lead to varicose veins, So we advocate, on the toilet defecation time not more than 5 minutes.In addition, sedentary, spicy diet, drinking, etc. will make the rectal mucosa for a long time in the state of congestion, resulting in a large number of patients with hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids happen.

Because there is a patient, early bleeding, it has been considered hemorrhoids bleeding, delayed for a long time to come to treatment, and later even to find out, it is difficult to say, many people suffering from hemorrhoids, do not go to the hospital for treatment, easily lead to serious consequences. Is low rectal cancer late, if you can find early rectal cancer, timely treatment, you can minimize the damage to the body.

Hemorrhoids bleeding is characterized by the blood in the blood in the blood of the stool, mostly and before eating spicy food, no fecal habitual changes. If it is colon cancer, blood in the blood of the blood in the blood, no large consumption of spicy food, stool habits There are changes, the number of times increased, weight loss, reduced diet, poor sleep and so on

24 hour antihypertensive guide

Some of the daily life of anti-hemorrhoids, anti-recurrence of the tips, many people are ignored. Send you a 24-hour 'anti-hemorrhoids' guide, away from hemorrhoids trouble.

6:30 to get up after a glass of water.Water is to promote intestinal peristalsis to help defecation.Therefore, not only after getting up should drink a glass of water every day to ensure adequate water intake.Then, rub the stomach, clockwise massage the lower abdomen, 5 Minutes or so, to promote intestinal peristalsis, to help defecation.

7:00 squat toilet, do not get more than 5 minutes after getting up, our brain will release the 'upright reflection' signal, then there will be the idea of defecation. Do not because of tight time or so the reason and simmering. , Squat toilet when not to play the phone, do not read the newspaper, the time not more than 5 minutes.

10:00 reward yourself a fruit. Eat more fiber-rich foods help prevent constipation, apples, pears, watermelons, bananas are good choices.

Coconut, cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, vegetables, carrots, mung beans, spinach, celery, wild rice, etc. Whole grains, wheat bran and other cereal food is also rich in vegetables, such as sugar beet, broccoli, cabbage vegetables, carrots, Good choice. Light diet, eat too greasy or smoked, fried, fried food.

15:00 a little exercise to help a long time sitting still, standing or squatting, are suffering from hemorrhoids the main reason to remind everyone, do not keep the same posture for several hours.It is recommended to get up every hour activities About 3 to 5 minutes on the line.

You can use sporadic time to do levator ani action: consciously shrink the urethra, vagina, rectal sphincter, and then relax. So repeated 50 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 100 times, it is recommended to do 2 to 3 times a day the best results.

19:00 dinner do not drink, less spicy. Spicy spicy food, such as mustard, chili, chili sauce, ginger, green onions, garlic, fennel and so easy to cause hemorrhoids. Usually you can eat some, it is best not to drink.

21:00 bedtime warm water bath. Warm water can promote the blood supply of the sphincter, but also pain, itching. Every day before going to bed with warm water to wash the buttocks and bath for 10 minutes, is a healthy and effective way.

22:30 to protect the sleep does not stay up all night.The survey shows that the night owl family is suffering from hemorrhoids and constipation of the main crowd.The body after a day of labor, to the need to enter the rest of the evening to adjust the state, the intestinal tract is also just use this time for lubrication, Absorb nutrition, discharge waste, so that the next day to smooth defecation

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