What kind of stool is the cancer signal in the morning?

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First sputum

Healthy people usually should not sputum, or occasionally have one or two sputum.If you feel the throat itch, to 'a spit fast', according to Western medicine, may be pharynx, bronchial or pulmonary inflammation. Chinese medicine will see its color, If it is relatively thin white sputum, indicating that the body has Feng Xie, cold evil invasion, often accompanied by cold, fear of wind symptoms. If it is more viscous yellow sputum, then the body has hot evil, Or cold disease, wind evil into the heat in the sputum bloody, it may be lung heat, lungs, tuberculosis or lung cancer. Need to go to the hospital for further examination and removal.

First bubble urine

Normal urine should be light yellow, clear. The number of urine and color and drinking water and food have a great relationship, if the urine deep, less, you may drink too little, pay attention to add water.

Some people have a lot of urine, heavy smell, both may be with the drink or eat garlic, onions and other food-related, it may be because the body is very hot and humid, if the urine has a sweet taste may suggest diabetes.

Urine urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria symptoms, suggesting that there may be urinary tract inflammation. Urine bloody, there may be kidney stones or bladder stones, but also pay attention to the exclusion of bladder cancer.

The first time

Healthy stool should be striped yellow brown soft stools, smell, but not smelly smell. If the stool is very sticky, there are rows of endless feeling, smell large, indicating that the body hot and humid. If the stool is dry , If the stool is thin, with pus and blood, but also in the back of the heavy feeling (want to pull but can not pull out, may be dysentery.), But also a lot of color, If the stool with blood, both may be hemorrhoids, anal fissure caused by, and may also be gastrointestinal ulcers, and even colon cancer, etc. It should be noted that also pay attention to whether the occurrence of bowel habits or changes in stool form, such as a day Once a few times a day, constipation, diarrhea alternately, or changes in stool shape, indentation, etc., to guard against colon cancer.

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