8 large bowel food let you every day fun

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There is a kind of unspeakable called constipation, often people restless, and now the weather in Chongqing hot, if not timely replenishment of water, it is easier to promote constipation symptoms. Even try a lot of 'secret' laxative, but still do not use, the toilet became The life of the most painful, the most difficult things.If you are troubled by constipation, try the following eight large bowel food, maybe make you every day fun!

8 large bowel food let you every day fun

What causes constipation?

One, eat too spicy taste over the service of the product

That is, too much taste, Warming things such as beef and a variety of supplements, eat too much lead to Yang Sheng burning Yin, consumption of body fluids and constipation.

Second, gas machine Yu stagnation reluctantly

This is a very important reason. Psychological pressure is too big, take things too hard to worry about constantly, will cause constipation, especially women, it is easy because of psychological problems lead to constipation.

Three, sedentary little move long lying down

White-collar and elderly patients are prone to illness because of this reason.

Fourth, spleen and kidney Deficiency.

Because of the spleen and kidney problems caused by constipation is relatively stubborn, because it is due to their own yang is not enough to promote the movement of the intestinal tract caused by the general are old to the elderly prone to such constipation.

Eight clear bowel experts

One of the bowel experts - brown rice

Brown rice is rich in protein, cellulose (white rice twice, minerals, iron and vitamins B1, B2, B3, can effectively improve the body immunity, purify blood vessels, promote metabolism and blood circulation, to help digestion and cleaning the stomach, For the intestinal transport of a steady stream of energy. Studies have shown that long-term consumption of brown rice will help toxins from the body, in addition it can balance blood sugar, prevent excessive uric acid, prevent constipation.

Bowel gowns - papaya

Papaya in the proteolytic enzyme, melon melon can help break down fat, reduce the workload of the gastrointestinal papaya pectin ingredients also have the function of cleaning the stomach, but the papaya to eat after 1-2 hours to eat Eat immediately after eating, will only increase the burden on the stomach.

Qingzhuang competent three --- yogurt

Yogurt in addition to a wealth of calcium, but also conditioning gastrointestinal bacterial balance, purify the stomach, stimulate gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation, reduce gastrointestinal disease, but note that yogurt drinks or lactic acid drinks are diluted drinks, The effect is not thick yogurt good.

Cleansing skill of the fourth - Chinese cabbage

Traditional Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin C, eat more cabbage, can play a very good skin care and beauty effect. In addition, the cabbage also contains the Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin C, eat cabbage, can play a very good skin care and beauty effect. Rich crude fiber, not only can play Runchang, promote the role of detoxification can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promote stool excretion, help digestion, prevention of good results in the prevention of colorectal cancer.

Cleansing skill of the fifth - fungus

Fungus with qi and blood circulation, cooling blood moisturizing effect, can eliminate the heat in the blood. Black fungus in the plant gum has a strong adsorption force, can be left in the human digestive system impurities in the body, Stomach fungus effect of the black fungus on the body is difficult to digest the husk, wood residue, sand, metal shavings have a dissolution of gallstones, kidney stones also have a chemical function.

Clean the bow of the six - kelp

Chinese medicine experts pointed out that kelp is alkaline food, rich in iodine can promote the metabolism of triglycerides in the blood.The kelp contains a substance called sulfuric acid polysaccharide, can remove the blood vessels attached to the blood vessel wall, so that cholesterol remains normal Content of seaweed in the kelp due to high water content, in the intestine can form gel-like substances, help to remove toxins, to prevent the body to absorb lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, to exclude radioactive elements in the body, while helping to treat arteriosclerosis , And to prevent the occurrence of constipation.

Cleansing skill of the seven - apple

There is a proverb abroad: 'one day an apple, the doctor away from me.' Its most obvious effect for health is: to promote intestinal detoxification - contains galacturonic acid, pectin, the intestinal toxins to a minimum . One of the soluble cellulose, effectively increase the capacity of the discharge capacity, let you bid farewell to the 'belly woman' to ensure the normal operation of intestinal circulation.

Apple skin contains a lot of rich antioxidant substances, can reduce the rate of intestinal aging.Therefore, Apple is best to eat with the skin Oh!

Cleansing skill eight peanuts

There are studies that have shown that peanuts have a good effect on the strong intestine because of the effects of peanut spleen, Substances, but also increase the toughness of the intestine, so that the ability to resist external intrusion continues to increase.

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Traditional Chinese: 8大清腸食物讓你每天暢快