note! Squatting toilet for more than three minutes

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Women are more likely than men to anorectal disease, sitting more squatting will be more likely to lead to anorectal problems, when the toilet is constantly brush microblogging 'hold back' hemorrhoids ... ... on the anorectal aspects of the news to the netizens outside the mine So, are these subversive 'three views' of the question, is it true?

Squatting toilet for more than three minutes

Women are more likely to have hemorrhoids because of fertility reasons

There is a child, a few men sitting together, a man said, 'I heard that ten men and nine hemorrhoids, I did not.'

Women generally have a view, male buttocks small, it is said that this may be more easy for men to get the cause of hemorrhoids.

Zhengzhou anal Thai anorectal hospital women 's treatment center director Sun Li not to see, 'In fact, compared to men, women because of the need for childbearing, easier to get hemorrhoids.

Women are more shy, will deliberately avoid their anorectal problems, which also makes some women can not be treated in time.

Sun Li introduced, due to differences in physiological anatomy, the female pelvic cavity more than one uterus, squeezing the rectum, so that the rectum backward tilt, increased curvature, stool through men than slow, prone to constipation caused by anorectal disease.

Women's menstrual disease, vaginal disease, pregnancy disease, postpartum disease can also cause complicated anorectal disease.Women in pregnancy, the fetus increased oppression of the rectum, the rectum anal venous blood flow disorder, easy to cause hemorrhoids varicose veins The formation of hemorrhoids.

According to the data show that the incidence of anorectal disease was 59.1%, hemorrhoids accounted for 87.25% of all anorectal disease.According to reports, over 50 years of age anorectal disease incidence rate of 60% to 70%, women than men with high incidence Out of 13.1%.

The toilet is best for 3 minutes to end the fight

Song Ouyang Xiu said, Yu Pingsheng made the article, more than three, is immediately, pillow, toilet also.

From which you can see, want to make a career, must always work hard, but here quoted this passage, not for inspirational purposes, but rather as a negative teaching material.

To make an article in the toilet, that need to squat how long!

Now few people may think of articles in the toilet, but if the time spent in the toilet, I am afraid most of the mobile phone than the Ouyang Xiu this big writer is not much better.

Brush microblogging, see the news, play games, between the fingers pull, the time lightly, until the legs pickled, mobile phone party struggling to stand up.

'Healthy defecation time is two or three minutes, up to more than 5 minutes, but now a lot of people at every turn on a squat more than ten minutes or more, which will greatly increase the burden of anorectal.' Sun Li said.

Defecation, the bowel per square centimeter to bear the pressure of more than ten to tens of kilograms of defecation when reading or smoking, often lead to defecation for too long, if often so, will cause intestinal mucosal ptosis, resulting in habitual constipation, hemorrhoids The occurrence of the disease, so the pit or 3 minutes to end the fighting, the Gansha Gansha go to it.

Sun Li said, compared to the current more common toilet time is too long on the anorectal effect, sitting and squatting this posture on the difference caused by anorectal less impact.

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Traditional Chinese: 註意!蹲廁所別超過三分鐘