Beijing and Shanghai new berth EMU officially on the line of each shop are private rooms

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The Shanghai Railway Bureau said that China's new sleeper EMU has been officially put into operation on the run. The sleeper is the first time to arrive in Beijing, the next day arrived in Beijing, this experience you want to try? EMU shop changed to a vertical set, each shop is 'private rooms.'

At present, the new type of moving every day in the Beijing and Shanghai between a pair of: Beijing South - Shanghai D311 times, Shanghai - Beijing South D312 times. Evening toward the whole, nearly 12 hours.

In the past, the new type of horizontal and horizontal berths and the train are parallel to the direction of the train. The new type of moving full row of the total capacity of 880 people, compared to CRH2E horizontal sleeper version Capacity increased by 37%.

The new sleeper trains are located on the upper and lower floors, each seat is like a small box, left and right rows of double-decker shop, aisle in the middle of the two rows of sleeper. Each sleeper with a charging socket and reading lights, Sleep or do not want to be disturbed, you can also white 'private' curtain down.

The new type of sleeper EMU further optimized the vibration and noise reduction design, the noise inside the compartment control at 62 decibels, the train noise level to achieve excellent grade even if the train at high speed, the car is also very quiet.

In addition, the laying of the wall with a backrest, and can adjust the tilt angle according to the needs of the posture, air conditioning for each bunker alone, very comfortable. Car compartment under the luggage set space for 6 17-inch standard luggage Box or two 25-inch oversized suitcase.

The train has a new design from the comfort, privacy and diversification of the passengers, etc. Each shop has a separate tea table to facilitate the placement of computers, small items, meals, etc. At the same time, in addition to equipped with a charging socket , The lights, reading lights, also set up a book network, book bags, for visitors to the journey to read, office, leisure and other convenience. Each shop is also equipped with a curtain, handrails, pants hanging, Very human.

D312 train every day Shanghai station 19:10 out, halfway only stop at Nanjing Station for 6 minutes (21: 40-21: 46, then all the way straight to Beijing, and the next day at 7:07 am to reach Beijing South Railway Station. Do not want to experience a new move?

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Traditional Chinese: 京滬新型臥鋪動車組正式上線 每個鋪位都是包間