Every morning for 30 seconds to discharge the body of turbidity

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Three turbidity is the turbidity, turbid water and stool, in order to maintain health, should keep the turbidity of the excretion of smooth, with push the abdomen method can promote the three turbidity emissions, but the way must be correct, experts say, some people push the abdomen But after the emergence of stomach flatulence, constipation, the phenomenon is a big reason lies in the way wrong.

Every morning for 30 seconds to persists

Push the right way is: walking along the gastrointestinal, from the heart of the vertical stroke, with both hands in a clockwise direction on the abdomen with the palm of the push, refers to the push, ring and other means of massage. Massage strength should grasp the appropriate experts pointed out , Massage local if there is soreness, it shows that the intensity is just right.

Experts pointed out: push the law for the constipation and the abdomen, stomach discomfort have a certain degree of mitigation, but for the relatively serious condition of the patient, this time need to join the acupuncture points (Zhongwan, Qihai, etc.) and the use of drugs to massage , Only the combination of these methods, and then the efficacy of massage can be more significant.

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Traditional Chinese: 每天早晨堅持30秒排出體內濁氣