What happens every few days after defecation?

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Defecation is the normal behavior of the human body, almost every day, but whether we understand the waste discharged from these bodies? American 'life science' website published articles, summed up people on the stool of the five common misunderstanding.

What happens every few days after defecation?

Misunderstanding 1: Daily defecation is normal and best. Gastroenterology experts believe that if the stool is not too soft or too hard, people from 3 times a day to 3 times a week are within the normal range. That the regularity of defecation does not mean that every day should defecation, but always maintain a consistent habit from beginning to end only in the defecation frequency suddenly changed, it should be noted.

Misunderstanding 2: stool should be very foul. Stool smell bad smell, but should not have rancid taste.If the smell of stool is extremely unpleasant, then it may be signs of infection, if not controlled, may develop into segments Colitis, celiac disease or ulcerative colitis.

Giardia (a parasitic infection) is the cause of the smell of the stool becomes more frequent if the defecation often occurs when this situation, you need to see a doctor.

In addition, it is normal and healthy throughout the day because people are the natural byproducts that intestinal bacteria produce when they are digested, but, as with stools, the foul smells are likely to be severe Signs of disease.

In the long run, cleaning the colon is very harmful to health, it washed out the bad bacteria at the same time also washed out the bacteria, and worse, the colon is not too much bad bacterial.

There are nearly 1,000 kinds of bacteria living in the colon, the last stage of digestion play a helping role, including the absorption of water, so that dietary fiber fermentation and absorption of vitamins, especially vitamin K, vitamin B1, B2, etc. cleaning the colon process , These beneficial bacteria and electrolytes will be washed away at the same time, and the common side effects of cleaning the colon include dehydration, rectal perforation, air embolism, blood infection and loss of ability to control the intestinal muscles.

Misunderstanding 4: spend some time defecation is good for a long time sitting on the toilet defecation is not a good habit.First of all, sitting on the toilet too long easy to long hemorrhoids, will cause the anus to relax, followed by repeated on the rectum Help to control the organization of defecation to stimulate, it will form a 'anal cushion', it will lead to hemorrhoids, or the site of the vein inflammation. A number of studies have also found that patients with hemorrhoids are more likely to stay in the toilet for a long time. A lot of research has shown that reading the material or using a smartphone while going to the toilet can cause people to be polluted by fecal bacteria.

Misunderstanding five: more defecation, weight loss more. This view seems to coincide with the laws of physics: there are more substances discharged from the body, weight naturally reduced. In fact not the case, many people drink laxative or drink ' Weight loss tea ', hoping to lose heat by defecation, but the heat absorption occurs mainly in the small intestine, and laxatives for the site of the large intestine or colon.

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