After eating these things is tantamount to chronic suicide

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Chinese people often say that people eat food for the day, eating is a big thing, will eat is equal to health, but few people know that after dinner five things, so that the nutritional effect of eating nothing, or even the equivalent of suicide!

After dinner do these things is tantamount to chronic suicide


After dinner tobacco tea all hurt liver injury blood vessels

The risk of smoking after a meal is 10 times larger than usual! This is due to increased gastrointestinal blood circulation after eating, resulting in a large number of harmful ingredients in the smoke were absorbed, damage the liver, brain and heart blood vessels, causing these diseases.

At the same time, after dinner, do not drink tea, because tea contains a lot of tannic acid, after dinner tea, it will not have time to digest the protein with tannic acid together to form a difficult to digest the precipitate, Protein absorption. Tea will also hinder the absorption of iron, long-term and even can lead to iron deficiency anemia.


Eat fruit immediately after a meal = bloating constipation

After dinner, eat fruit, like a lot of people's hobbies, but this is a wrong habit because the fruit is rich in monosaccharides, they are usually absorbed in the small intestine .After eating food will be food block in the stomach , The first is the impact of food digestion, the second is to stay too long, then the monosaccharide will be fermented and cause bloating, diarrhea or hyperacidity, constipation and other symptoms.

At the same time, eating fish, shrimp should not immediately eat grapes and other acidic fruit, because fish, shrimp and other substances containing high protein and calcium, and tannin with the fruit quickly with the food, easy to form non-digestible substances, causing gastrointestinal Discomfort

Eat fruit is best after 1 hour of meal or 1 hour before meals.If you eat cooked food, eat some oranges, lemon is beneficial, because some cooked food products will use sodium nitrite as a preservative, and orange Rich in vitamin C, can effectively inhibit the synthesis of sodium nitrite, good health.


After a meal bathing brushing loose trousers with a wound injury

After a meal bath, body surface blood flow will increase, the gastrointestinal blood flow will be reduced accordingly, so that gastrointestinal digestive function weakened, causing indigestion.

Some people like to brush their teeth after a meal, but immediately brush your teeth, will make loose enamel damage.

In addition, loose trousers, although the belly comfortable, but it will cause abdominal pressure drop, forcing the stomach sagging, resulting in increased load of digestive organs and ligaments, to promote gastrointestinal motility increased, prone to intestinal torsion, intestinal obstruction, and Leading to gastroptosis and so on.


After dinner sports singing = Shangwei

Although the 'step after dinner' makes sense, but for the elderly, it is best not to exercise, because half an hour after a meal, the stomach because of the food and become very heavy. 'The pain, so that digestive function is affected.

Immediately after a meal for patients with coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction can lead to dizziness, fatigue, dizziness, limb numbness, suffering from gastrointestinal ulcers and patients with gastroptosis will increase the condition after the meal should sit for 30 minutes and then activities.

For young people, it is best not to eat after eating, the saying goes, 'full of hungry singing', because, after eating satin, will make the diaphragm down, abdominal pressure increases, ranging from indigestion, Intestinal discomfort and other illnesses.


Immediately after a meal to sleep = fat or even stroke

Just eat a meal, the stomach is full of food, digestive function is in a state of exercise, then sleep will affect the digestion of the stomach is not conducive to the absorption of food at the same time, after dinner brain blood supply, if immediately after dinner, Cerebral insufficiency leads to stroke.

In addition, after falling asleep, the body's metabolic rate is reduced, easy to intake of food contained in the heat into fat and make people fat. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 吃完飯做這些事無異於慢性自殺