This happened in the United Kingdom hit the porcelain, the master is also no who the skills

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Recently, the United Kingdom happened to touch the porcelain event, according to the owners to provide monitoring video, you can clearly see the touch porcelain's complete 'performance.' As a result of touch porcelain perform bad, many see this video Spanish friends have given Negative score difference.

The video shows that a driver on a slightly narrow road on the low speed, a man pushing the motorcycle suddenly from the left front into the lane, the driver immediately brakes, but the man actually pushed the motorcycle constantly back until hit The man left the motorcycle, his back leap from the sky, fell on the front of the windshield, fell to the ground before the car did not forget to turn the body, so that the back of the ground.

Touch the porcelain fell to the ground, his associates appeared on time, trying to negotiate with the driver, but also picked up the phone to shoot the driver to get off, the first warning of the two men, said the camera has been completely captured the camera down, And then decisively pick up the phone alarm. Two touch porcelain who realized that the car has a monitor, and quickly brought a hat, cover face quickly fled the scene.

There was also a case in Murcia, a local lawyer who was constantly looking for some minor injuries and then 'packing' them into car accident victims and then seeking profits by litigation.

In the case of Cantabria, two local civil servants were killed, and two people drove into a roundabout and deliberately collided with other vehicles, claiming compensation and insurance claims. The police found that the two were not only in the case Before the three different insurance companies to buy insurance, but also requires a certificate of life-long disability.According to the insurance company survey, the two were not injured in the accident, but it is in the accident before the fake injury, deliberately cheating. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 這起發生在英國的碰瓷,主人公演技也是沒誰了