Brazil Sao Paulo Asian Center held "Iguazu Falls Night" Mid-Autumn evening party

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The picture shows the Chinese ambassador to Brazil Li Jinzhang (left two speech. Mo Chengxiong photo

(Xinhua Mo Chengxiong) Haoyue empty, lanterns hanging, song melodious, moon cake fragrance ... ... local time on the evening of October 4, organized by the Brazilian Cultural Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Xinhua) The 'Iguazu Falls Night' Mid-Autumn Festival, the widest waterfall in the world - across the Brazilian and Argentinean countries of the Iguazu Falls side of the Das Katala Tasan Hotel was held.

The picture shows the speech of Sang Sanjing (second from left), general manager of the Asian Cultural Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Chinese Ambassador to Brazil Li Jinzhang, Consul General of China in Sao Paulo Chen Peijie, Business Counselor Yu Yong, Consul General Zhang Zucheng, General Manager of the Asian Cultural Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mayor of Fosi Iguazu, Brasilano, Director of Tourism Bureau Ola, as well as local and Paraguay border Chinese overseas Chinese, Brazil friends, tourists and more than 200 people gathered together, enjoy the beauty of the moon, the Chinese moon cake, watch the Chinese overseas Chinese and local Brazilian performances of the wonderful literary and artistic programs, together to celebrate the traditional Chinese Mooncake Festival.

Li Jinzhang said, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, very happy to come to the beautiful scenery of Iguazu, and friends reunited, celebrate the festival, can be described as good, beautiful, happy, happy, four beautiful. In the Brazilian Chinese compatriots Mid-Autumn Festival happy, to extend our sincere greetings and wonderful holiday blessings.

The second is the Chinese ambassador to Brazil Li Jinzhang (second from right), the Chinese Consul General in Sao Paulo Chen Peijie (right), Brazil Sao Paulo Asian Cultural Center General Manager Fang Sanjing (left) and Brazil Fosi Iguazu City Mayor Brasil (Left two), the Secretary for Tourism Piola (middle) to attend the Mid-Autumn evening party

Li Jinzhang said that the field of humanities is an important part of China-Pakistan comprehensive strategic partnership, and the two governments attach great importance to humanistic exchanges. During the state visit to China last month, President Terry Mutual cultural center, to expand cultural and artistic cooperation in-depth exchanges, witnessed the signing of a comprehensive agreement between China and Pakistan travel procedures and a series of agreements for the Sino-Pakistani humanities and cultural exchanges to provide a guide and protection.

Li Jinzhang pointed out that tonight this Taiwan blend of arts and culture, bringing together people from all walks of life so that we seem to have a 'home is the hometown' close feeling, fully embodies the cultural exchanges between the two countries Of the fruitful, bright moon shines on our common expectations of a better tomorrow.We hope to enjoy this unique cultural feast, through a beautiful night.

The picture shows the Brazilian Chinese girl performing pipa duet << send me a rose >>.

Since its inception in May 2003, Sao Paulo has been committed to promoting Chinese culture and promoting friendly exchanges between China and Pakistan, and we have held various types of activities in Brazil, including various photo exhibitions, Large-scale theatrical performances and various sports activities, etc. 'Iguazu Falls Night' Mid-Autumn Festival is the first time Iguazu Falls Park held such a highly cultural activities with Chinese characteristics in the future we will be more similar Activities, will be excellent Chinese culture passed to more people in Brazil, so that more people understand the Chinese people in China, to understand China, so that the relationship between the two countries closer and closer, more and more pro.

Brasilino and Piola also addressed the party at the party to celebrate the Chinese traditional festival Mid-Autumn Festival, wish the Chinese overseas Chinese holidays happy, good luck, that will strengthen cooperation with China in various fields and exchanges, especially in the humanities exchanges Mutual understanding, to enhance the friendship between the two peoples, hope Iguazu Falls scenic area next year to hold the Mid-Autumn Festival, 'we next year goodbye.' (End)

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Traditional Chinese: 巴西聖保羅亞文中心舉辦“伊瓜蘇瀑布之夜”中秋晚會