"Really three countries unparalleled 8" Xun You people set up the details of the uncle together with the debut

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Today, the glorious Tekuru announced << Shin Sangokumusou 8 >> Xun Yau character set map details, in the history of the Three Kingdoms known as Cao Cao 'seek the Lord' Xun You, good at flexible Enemy tactics and military strategy, and he is Xun Yu's nephew, although the age of the two is only 5 years old.

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Xun You people set up the details

Cao Cao has praised the Xun Yau 'Kanda's foolishness', so the studio from this point of view to design a dirty beard, disheveled hair and rich personality of the national wind costumes.In addition, in view of Xunyou in the most front of the battle Advice, so in the dress for him to design a convenient action of light equipment.

Xunyou people set up

In the << Warriors unparalleled 8 >>, Xun Yau's image has a temperament of the yuppie, he used the weapon 'steel whip sword' is also as flexible as his ideas. << true three unparalleled 7: Empire> > Xun Yu first war, and the two nephew finally able to debut in the same work.

Xun Yu people set up

<< really three Warriors 8 >> will be landing PC / PS4 / Xbox One platform, the sale time has not yet determined.

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Traditional Chinese: 《真三國無雙8》荀攸人設細節公布 叔侄倆一同登場