Qingdao uncle to sell bread up to 60,000 users: more than selling pancake fruit also make money

Updated: 2017-10-5 16:31:43  Views: 1177

Previously, in Beijing to sell pancakes Aunt said his monthly income of 30,000, and now Qingdao uncle said his own bread to sell 60,000 per month! See here, presumably a lot of small partners with Xiao Bian, would like to sell bread. To know that people a month's income than many people a year income more.

During the National Day, where the best business, it must be tourist attractions! This is not the number of visitors to the Laoshan tourism surge, the local farmhouse business is very hot.Although the reporter did not ask Sui uncle's farm feast can earn much money, but the bread shop can earn how much to pry out

Talk to the steamed bread, Sui uncle is very proud of their own every year to sell bread alone can earn 700,000, a month can earn almost 60,000, which can also make money to sell pancakes to know, selling pancake aunt a month Only 3 million, uncle sell bread directly 2 times.

And 'bread uncle' appeared, many users ridicule Road, before I want to lie to sell pancakes, and now want to lie to me to sell bread ...

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Traditional Chinese: 青島大爺賣饅頭月入6萬 網友:比賣煎餅果子還掙錢