British media said Brazil welcomes China's investment infrastructure: China is "white knight"

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The British media said that the first two years of the 21st century with Brazil's exports to China's prosperity of the enthusiasm of the goods, by 2015 has disappeared - when Brazil suffered an economic collapse, resulting in millions of people 'The business relationship between China and Brazil is entering a new stage,' said Kevin Gallagher, a professor of global development policy at Boston University. 'The boom in commodities has ended, but now infrastructure, banking and Manufacturing is active. '

According to the British << Financial Times >> website reported on September 26, one of the clearest manifestations of China's new determination appeared in June this year, when China and Pakistan officially launched the scale of 20 billion US dollars investment fund, China invested 75% , Brazil invested 25%, the two sides are currently studying to determine the scope of support.

'China soon set up a $ 20 billion infrastructure fund because it wanted to start,' said Gallagher. 'Of course, Brazil is happy to cooperate because the cost of capital is too high for it now Brazil has a large infrastructure gap, private capital, and even the development of banks can not fill, so Brazil is in urgent need of these funds.

The G20 Research Program Global Infrastructure Center predicts that by the end of 2040, Brazil will have a huge demand for infrastructure, and it is also a huge opportunity for Chinese engineering companies that urgently need contracts. Need to invest 2.7 trillion US dollars to infrastructure, but the current investment rate can only get 1.5 trillion US dollars of funds, leaving 1.2 trillion US dollars of funding gap.

This pressure, coupled with the pressure of the recession, has led Brazil to have a more open attitude towards foreign ownership and building infrastructure, and government officials and analysts say China's large state-owned enterprises have seized this, seizing some of the class Of the infrastructure assets and ready to participate in more project bidding.

'Some countries do not allow China to invest in these areas (infrastructure, but Brazil is not the case,' said Roberto Yaguaribe, chairman of the Brazilian Export Promotion Council, 'We are very welcome to China's capital investment infrastructure.'

According to the data, according to the information provided by consulting firm Diroch, the total acquisition of infrastructure-related Chinese enterprises in the first quarter of 2017 totaled US $ 5.7 billion, accounting for almost 40% of Brazil's total foreign investment. The Commerce and Industry Federation estimates that the figure for the whole year of 2017 is likely to reach $ 20 billion, up 70% from 2016.

The nation's largest utility company, the state-owned power transmission company, has acquired a controlling stake in CPFL Energia last year, which has made it clear that the country's largest utility company, the country's state-owned transmission company, has acquired the controlling stake in CPFL Energia last year in the Brazilian power generation and transmission sector. China's nearly 10,000 km of power transmission line of Chinese enterprises, one of the largest control of the Brazilian power grid.

In terms of power generation, China's Yangtze River Three Gorges Group won the bid for Brazil's 5 million kilowatts of hydropower projects at the end of 2015, with a total investment of US $ 3.7 billion for 30 years, but this may only be the beginning of this wave of trade.

The report said that in a sense, China is playing the role of white knight. By the recession and the 2012 Brazilian government measures (requiring companies to cut electricity prices to renew the contract with the government's 30-year contract drag, some Brazilian power companies are in debt Climbed to unsustainable levels, and severe droughts from 2013 to 2015 have made Brazilian reservoirs dry and hit hydropower because users have switched from hydropower to thermoelectricity.

At the strategic level, Beijing sees Brazil as an important ally of the developing world, a key potential market with more than 200 million people, and a springboard for Chinese companies to look for business opportunities in other parts of Latin America.

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