Japanese media interview class peasants feel: not "anti-China" nor "pro-day" only think of "the United States first"

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September 4, Kyodo News agency reported that the newspaper reporter Su Jingkang had the opportunity to interview was the United States President Trump's most trusted cronies Steven Bannon, listened to the former chief executive officer of the White House And senior adviser to the Asian policy.

Ban Nong once said that 'China and the United States is carrying out economic war', leaving the impression of anti-China vanguard, but in the interview is a thorough thought of realism. 'I am not anti-China Crusaders' , Ban Nong began to clear this point.

The article said that after graduating from Bannon University as an officer in the US Navy Pacific Fleet service, this is because the small began to pay attention to China. After retirement work in the Goldman Sachs Group, after the transfer into the industry, also in Hong Kong and Shanghai to participate in online games and risks Capital operation.

On the other hand, Ban Nong, while repeatedly claiming that Japan is a 'close ally', requires a bilateral trade agreement rather than a cross-Pacific economic cooperation agreement (TPP), which shows that security is used as a bargaining chip, Negotiating the person in charge, do not know the specific situation, 'but has shown that to re-discuss the US auto manufacturers to enter the Japanese market posture.

The article said that through the interview, with the 'anti-China' and 'pro-Japanese' to criticize the classics seem wrong, he represents the 'economic nationalist' full of mind are 'American supremacy', as Trump's Support class, to consider is in any case to revive the US manufacturing industry.

Ban Nong and the US regime internal emphasis on international coordination of the 'global' contradictions intensified, was dismissed in August, but his American priority concept has been deeply implanted in the minds of President Trump, the article said, although Ban Nong Left the front stage, but can not think that Japan's trade pressure weakened.

Ban Nong was interviewed

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Traditional Chinese: 日媒采訪班農有感:不“反華”也不“親日” 只想著“美國至上”