Hebei rural primary school students without heating: heating running in the playground

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Original title: the heating period has begun 20 days of heating reconstruction project has not yet completed.

Hebei Quyang rural primary school has not heating

Hav'e Nanya grip primary school children doing homework in the room. Reporter Zhu Hongyuan / photo

Recently, the lowest temperature in Quyang County of Hebei Province, Baoding city has been below zero degrees. And the reporter received a local message: "parents reflect the local heating season has started nearly 20 days, some rural primary school is still not heating. Because there is no heating in the classroom, in the classroom as well as shade, warm in the yard"

In December 4th, a primary school principal told reporters, the sun in the yard, and the children activities can also warm, so although the snow near the solar term, but the school still try to arrange outdoor courses.

Reporters recently in Quyang County visited found that many local villages and towns the rural schools are not timely heating.

In this regard, Quyang County Education Bureau, a relevant person in charge told reporters, because this year Quyang county all schools of heating "electricity" transformation of coal, but the project not completed on time, so there is not part of primary school the status of heating. "We will work overtime, and strive for the electric contact." he told reporters said.

Reporter query to a <<2017 in Quyang County Bureau of Education School of coal to electricity equipment procurement and installation project tender notice in China government procurement online, the opening time is October 12th, the day of November 15th (apart from heating only a month 03 days.

One of the parents questioned: "why" coal to electricity "work cannot be started earlier?"

The classroom is too cold, the students in the playground running heating

December 4th 10 am, reporters came to the Quyang County Qi Village Primary School. At that time, oral small recess activities, most of the students are playing outside, almost all the students are holding the hands of a heater, the yard is filled with about 100 small stool.

"Why are you holding a warm treasure?" asked the reporter.

No heating in the classroom, hands are cold! "One of the fourth grade students said.

The bell rang, some students entered the classroom. But the second grade and the third grade two class of students, but did not return to the classroom. A class of students sitting on a small stool to recite the text, another class of students on the playground to follow the teacher to read English.

Reporter walked into the classroom, see no heating facilities in the classroom, but before the heating coal stove has been removed.

A teacher said, since November 15th, the school has no heating. Especially in a classroom without sunshine, students feel very cold. "The children can not stand the cold, I took them in the playground running heating"

In the school yard, piled a small pile of coal. The teacher said, this is to stay in school for the teacher. "The night temperature is lower, a four or five room teacher not stand the cold, can only burn coal for heating"

The small oral primary school told reporters, the school before the heating season is the use of coal-fired boiler heating system for boiler emissions reach the requirements of environmental protection, in accordance with the requirements of the higher authorities, this year Quyang county all schools have carried out electric heating transformation of coal. "But due to the transformation of the starting time of late, the school didn't make it on time heating"

Some students appeared frostbite

Subsequently, the reporter went to the village primary school. Qi Nanya grip is similar with the small oral primary school, primary school students are also part of Nanya grip in the outdoor culture class, although already near noon, but the outdoor temperature is at zero degrees Celsius, the day of Quyang county the highest temperature of 4 degrees Celsius.

The reporter saw in the small college, Nanya grip, before heating coal stove and the exhaust pipe is discarded in the front of the classroom. The classroom has installed the electric heating equipment, but has not been put into use.

Nanya grip primary school principals said that the workers are debugging transformer, it should soon be able to pick up electricity, electric heating.

However, many students have been frozen. Nanya grip village said one parent, her child is the second grade students of the school, now have foot frostbite, watching the children chap with a swollen heel is really distressed ah! "

Another parent said: "when I was young school had this experience, the feet are frozen so hurt did not dare to move the scene is still visible before the eyes, did not think there is such a thing happened now"

There is an old saying, his granddaughter in the first grade primary school on Nanya grip, toe frostbite, swollen, and night itch. "Children don't know what happened, ask me, Grandpa, how the winter there are mosquitoes?"

It was near the heating heating equipment bidding

Through the visit, the reporter found that in Quyang county is not only in the constant state of Qi Village, town and Lingshan Town, fan Jia Zhuang and other towns are also part of the school on time without heating.

December 4th afternoon, the reporter went to the Quyang County Board of education. A relevant responsible person said, the reason why there are some schools do not have time to heating, because coal to electricity projects unfinished. "As of yesterday (December 3rd, Quyang County, most schools have heating, only less than 10 schools without heating." this official said.

Why the school "coal to electricity" is not completed in the heating period before? He said, there are two main reasons, one is the project started relatively late, the other is the shortage of raw materials.

The reporter found a <<2017 Quyang County Bureau of Education School of coal to electricity equipment procurement and installation project tender notice, the announcement stated in the Chinese government procurement network, the opening time is October 12th, this time from November 15th heating day only 03 days a month.

As for why the school "coal to electricity" project began so late? The responsible person did not reply.

In October 2016, the Hebei provincial government issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the implementation of the Baoding Langfang District ban on coal power generation coal and gas generation coal, Baoding City, Langfang City, Jing Kun Expressway East, Rong Wu Expressway to the North bordering Beijing and Tianjin area and Sanhe, Dachang Hui Autonomous County, Xianghe County administrative region designated as no coal zone no, the coal district involved in Baoding, Langfang city in 18 counties (city, District, the region has 404 villages and 3345 villages, about 1 million 54 thousand residents, according to the requirements before the end of October 2017, no coal zone in coal, heating and coal used in coal combustion "zero".

The reporter noted, Quyang County in Hebei province is not the designated ban coal zone. (reporter Zhu Hongyuan

Editor: Wu Kaneo

Source: China Youth Daily

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