1 hours before going to bed is the golden period of health

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What an hour before going to bed, directly related to the quality of sleep. Sleep is also self repair time to adjust the body, if you don't sleep well, the viscera function disorder, can adjust normal metabolism, there will be a variety of symptoms.

Therefore, 1 hours before going to bed is one critical period.

1 hours before going to bed is the golden period of health

<b> 1. brush - to prevent heart disease</b>

Brush your teeth before going to bed is more important than in the morning, not only to clear the mouth sediments, is conducive to the protection of the teeth, but also help to sleep soundly. The most important thing is, before the toothbrush clean, can play a preventive effect on heart disease.

Need to remind everyone that the next best use brush when brushing your teeth, do not brush sideways, otherwise it will cause damage to the teeth, tooth loss.

<b> 2. drink warm water to reduce myocardial infarction</b>

Go to bed at night, if the blood flow slowed, increased blood viscosity, easy formation of thrombotic diseases. Drinking warm boiling water, can dilute the blood, prevent thrombosis.

About 350~500ml, can be adjusted according to individual circumstances, in order not to affect the sleep.

3. feet - stroke prevention

There is "hot feet, race to eat ginseng" this statement, before going to bed, peripheral vascular expansion of legs with hot bubble foot can increase blood flow to the skin of the foot, promote blood circulation, but also play a role in stroke prevention.

19~21 PM, 40 degrees around the feet of water. When the water reaches the foot for the best, at least to the ankle foot. Time is not longer, bubble to instep redness, body sweating slightly on the line.

<b> 4. hair - slow brain aging</b>

Before going to bed to comb the hair with your fingers to blood vessels, can enhance brain cell nutrition, slow brain aging. The nerve relaxation, eliminate brain fatigue, help sleep. Chinese medicine, hand hair can dredge the head of the sun, has a good tonic effect. Insist for a long time, for any neurasthenia people has the role of improvement.

Before going to bed with a wooden comb, from the forehead down to the comb head, comb about five minutes to reach the Yang, clear the blood.

<b> 5. push - off abdomen constipation</b>

At bedtime push abdomen is through massage on the abdominal simple method for the prevention and treatment of stomach disease, improve blood circulation and dredging the meridian and collateral, Shugan Qi has a significant role. In addition, this method is also suitable for patients with constipation relieves constipation symptoms. Reduce abdominal and lower body fat is properly.

Hand stacked pressing on the abdomen, palms toward the navel, the navel as the center point, and then clockwise counterclockwise manner with abdominal massage 3-5 minutes, every time to maintain. In the process of pushing to the attention of moderate intensity, and also feel the abdomen or unusual.

<b> 6. rub foot heart kidney strong waist</b>

Often massage can adjust the kidney, invigorating kidney qi, kidney waist play the strong role, can promote blood vessels, improve local foot nutrition, unobstructed systemic blood, so as to relieve the fatigue of the body, to achieve anti-aging anti-aging and prolong life.

A day before going to sleep, with the thumb massage the feet soles of the feet, massage clockwise 100 times.

7. pound - promote blood circulation

Before going to bed, relax, fist strength Chuibei, such stimulus organizations and point back to promote local and systemic blood circulation.

Each beat 10~20 minutes. Especially long time watching TV, books easy to back pain, muscle tension, back to relax muscles, relieve fatigue, emotional stability, and promote sleep.

<b> Take 8. leg - leg cramps</b>

Calcium also beat the leg cramps? Try before bedtime! Beat the calf, relaxed and warm muscles, not only can prevent cramps, can promote sleep.

The leg lift, rub their hands from knee to ankle, calf flapping from both sides respectively. Each leg beat a few minutes until the legs warm so far.

<b> 9.. Kick - the elimination of fatigue</b>

The old man blood weakness, at night to Yang Chi with consistency, therefore often insomnia phenomenon. While the foot has six meridians through the blood running kick can stimulate these meridians, help Yang Chi for consistency, can promote sleep. In addition, the kick can improve blood circulation, so that the legs of the knee the muscles and ligaments stretch, can eliminate foot fatigue, make the body relaxed and comfortable.

Lying in bed before going to sleep, his hands clinging to the back of the head, the urgent relief to kick to exercise, every 3 minutes, and then switch to the other leg, repeated 8 times.

<b> 10. deep breath - promote sleep</b>

Relax, sit to stand or walk can feel the movements of the abdomen. Insist for a long time helps to increase the ventilation, relieve dyspnea and other symptoms, enhance the function of organs, in addition to obesity.

At bedtime meditation, with abdominal breathing for 5 minutes, can help sleep.

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Traditional Chinese: 睡前1小時是養生黃金期