WCG 2018: the new global gaming festival will shock struck

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December 13, 2017 - world cyber games (WCG (Chief Executive Officer right bin, announced that www.wcg.com held in Thailand Bangkok in today's press conference of the new WCG will officially return. On 2018 at the press conference, WCG also announced a series of overall planning, including long-term vision, goals and events.

Since its inception in 2000, WCG has become one of the world's largest event, in 2013 after the Kunshan China contest suspended.2017 in March, Smilegate Holdings made a trademark of WCG, since WCG began its evolutionary journey. Now, WCG is a non-profit organization, is committed to upgrading a set electronic sports, science and technology innovation and the trend of music in one of the global gaming Festival.

WCG 2018 will be "global gaming culture festival, make the world a better place" as the theme, the traditional gaming tournament, future gaming frontier technology and unique cultural experience as a key, so that everyone can enjoy, share the joy of.WCG was determined by the global cultural festival in the form, so that people around the world can unite together. Enjoy the pleasure of gaming.

At a news conference, and WCG has a key figure in the fate of the special also full debut, including South Korea game channel game commentator Jeon Yong-jun, Jae-ho and Jang (occupation game player Zhang Zaihao Li Xiaofeng (Li Xiaofeng WCG recorded congratulations video, attention and support. The conference, WCG CEO Kwon HyukBin (the right to welcome Mr. all the guests come and welcome speech, then the official partner of the WCG Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) director Chirayu Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya also published a speech. In addition, the famous program currently serves as the official WCG consultant director Guillaume Patricia? (Guillaume Patry WCG 2018 to introduce some specific conditions and the race the project content, previously, he had won in 2003 StarCraft WCG<< "awards.

WCG? 2018 consists of four main parts, covers the rich activity from the games to the scene in the form of music

? in super arena, a large number of popular global popular game player game, including the Royal war, Counter Strike: Global offensive "and" > will be unveiled.

WCG 2018 consists of four major parts: Super Arena (New Horizons Super Arena, will present the electronic sports world highest level for all games (New, Horizon, here the future sports and cutting-edge technology of seamless connection, Festival will fully show the festival (the organic combination of electronic community culture and characteristics of the project's fans Stadium (Fan Stadium, will provide a full range of exposition for WCG fans.

In the super arena, competition will be divided into two categories, namely WCG Masters (WCG Master and WCG WCG Premium.WCG (senior game said, "the Royal war, Counter Strike: Global offensive following "Super hero" and has confirmed to be the official event. In the near future, there will be more events have joined the lineup.

UAV? And VR Technology: leading technology vendors including Xinjiang UAV and HTC VIVE, the partnership has unlimited may create future technology development for gaming

? the diverse cultural project: DJ Steve and Aoki live concert for the first time in Southeast Asia held TED lecture

The new visual field will showcase a combination of cutting-edge technology and electronic sports more generalized, and the infinite possible. In this part, WCG will work with industry leading enterprises to join hands, shared vision, as the first theme show is UAV and virtual reality (VR. global civilian UAV leading manufacturer of Xinjiang UAV with the best VR headset HTC VIVE, will become a partner of WCG, more details of the cooperation will be announced later. The new visual field biggest highlight is "WCG 2018 UAV World Championships and 2018 World Championships WCG VR".WCG and the field of the world's largest live competition organization -- the UAV Champions League. Together, the championship belt to a new height, WCG will also work with the best partners together, the VR electronic sports game exhibition in the display standard optimization, and notice and other aspects to better category level. In the showcase a number of cutting-edge technology projects at the same time, the variety of VR and indoor UAV project experience will have a show in front of the participants.

At the same time, in the festival, including Spiral Cats from different countries of the top Cosplay team will participate in a number of on-site activities, to present a world-class Cosplay.WCG theme song, the feast of the world famous DJ Steve Aoki and Dim Mark will be held together at this concert. More are expected to join the global celebrity event. In addition, WCG 2018 will bring the first TED speech for Southeast Asia.

The chief executive of WCG, the right Bin said: "the new WCG aims to break the boundaries of racial, cultural and generational, become inclusive and harmonious competition, to create a more beautiful world. The gaming and Contemporary Cultural Festival, the combination, we hope to make more and more young people like the family can be together participate and share the joy. In addition, we also hope that will come from all over the world, different backgrounds of each individual together, let WCG become a truly global Festival"

WCG 2018 will be held in Thailand on April 26-29 held in Bangkok. Please visit the official website of WCG www.wcg.com.

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