Honey banana really is constipation cure it

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Modern life stress, food is also very messy, irregular life and easy to cause constipation, constipation. Performance: it means less time and less, difficult defecation, laborious, dry stool. Constipation is very harmful to the human body, can cause abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, bitter taste and bad breath, and may also make the face on the spot long pox.

<b> Honey banana can relieve the constipation?</b>

Some people will have constipation, insomnia, depression and anxiety of mental disorders. Although constipation makes the body discomfort, but due to the more common and symptoms of varying severity, so most people have no attention, no attention, think that constipation without treatment, but if the long-term constipation, toxins will accumulate in the body constantly finally, may cause other diseases.

When people in case of constipation, think to eat honey and bananas, the two kinds of food are very common, and the banana contains dietary fiber, honey can be laxative, then, the two kinds of food is really effective for constipation?

Experts said that although the banana and honey have some effect on constipation, but it is not useful to everyone, for the physical deficiency of the people, the banana is relatively cold, so eat more bananas and honey are not used. Constipation is not due to a reason, in addition to bananas or honey, can help defecation there are water, vegetables, fruits, adequate exercise and a relaxed, cheerful mood, rest time and factors of good bowel habits are also important.

<b> What are the best methods for treating constipation do?</b>

The first Water is the Source of Life, so the trick is to drink plenty of water, water is the material basis to solve constipation, every morning, according to their own weight to drink a cup of warm boiling water, and a bite to drink a mouthful, can not be poured down, can help the body's detoxification defecation.

Second strokes, obey the physiological law, just can't hold it to defecate. In early may not improve the rules, but after long-term stimulation, it is possible to form a unified inertia, time of defecation.

Third, adjust the posture, Chinese people accustomed to squatting defecation posture, but in fact, the sitting defecation posture is more reasonable in health, defecation, to relax the body, a little higher than the hips, knees, upper body and legs into a 75 degree angle.

Fourth, begin the diet to promote, method is mainly applicable to young people and mild constipation friends, banana is not suitable for edible Qi people, easily lead to dry stool, eat more fruits and coarse fiber foods, such as sweet potatoes, leeks, celery and so on.

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Traditional Chinese: 蜂蜜香蕉真是便秘特效藥嗎