Qingdao institutions to recruit 5642 people in January 22nd from the online registration

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Reporter in January 11th from Shandong Province, Qingdao City People Club department, 2018 Qingdao institutions open recruitment work has recently started, the city plans to recruit 5642 people, for the first time for the disabled 3 directional recruitment, 22 day online registration.

This year the city plans to recruit 5642 people, recruitment has started in Qingdao city human resources and social security bureau published on the website of.41 municipal departments and institutions to recruit a total of 1831 people, among them, the cause of the preparation of 260 people, the employment system of 64 teachers, the health system 1507, 11 districts of the city to recruit a total of 3811 people, among them. The cause of the preparation of 842 people, the employment system of 2126 teachers, the health system 843.

It is understood that this year the city's unified open recruitment to implement online registration, unified examination, classification and interview methods. The online registration time: January 22nd 09:00, January 24th 16:00.3 month 18 days written, written examination, comprehensive health education, three categories.

It is reported that this year, Qingdao continue to implement preferential policies targeted recruitment of specific groups, in addition to the targeted recruitment of personnel and the basic service of college students retired soldiers, increase the directional recruitment of Xinjiang college graduates, the first set for disabled directional recruitment. Set a total of 25 directional recruitment, which targeted recruitment service grass-roots project personnel 13 people, directional the recruitment of Qingdao nationality college students retired soldiers 7 people, Jimo district and Jiaozhou city took 1 jobs in Tibet and Xinjiang targeted recruitment of college graduates, Pingdu City set the directional recruitment of persons with disabilities 3 jobs (Liu Jiani.

Source: Qingdao daily

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Traditional Chinese: 青島事業單位招聘5642人 1月22日起網上報名