In 2020 toppled Trump? The Americans would like to "talk show queen Oprah

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Original title: 2020 toppled Trump? The Americans would like to "talk show queen Oprah

Sun Zhuo Miao Qi

She is probably the most famous American woman. She hopes she sought after, and stop the United States the most famous man -- President Trump to seek re-election.

In January 8th seventy-fifth annual Golden Globe Awards, not only revealed various types of film and television works awards who spent time in "awards, was awarded" a candidate in 2020 U.S. presidential election. She is the lifetime achievement award winner, the famous American talk show host, has been among the most influential the figures of the global list of Oprah Winfery (Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah quickly denied the willingness to stand for election, but has not seen Trump's American entertainment and media industry is very exciting. With the hope that Oprah in the presidential election has been getting higher and higher, the American media seems to be more and more prominent in some public topics on her voice.


In 11, Oprah has run a hot topic of American mainstream media also hit the headlines: Oprah show to the public how to influence the California disaster area.9, the debris flow disaster caused by heavy rain in the northwest region of Losangeles, so far has killed at least 15 people were killed and 24 people missing more than 50 people, waiting for rescue helicopters. Oprah in Santa Barbara's residence is also in the affected areas, but is not affected.

The report also said that Oprah and many celebrities in the debris flow disaster to mourn the death of life.

Oprah's political leaders aura ready.

High voice

Let have spread the "Oprah for president" warming, from Oprah that night published the award-winning speech. This entitled "new era" of the three night speech triggered a standing ovation, shot many actresses in the process of Oprah's speech in tears was moved.

And the speech of Oprah, not only is regarded as a "textbook" sparks Prize speech, is an article containing obvious political campaign theme of "pre election manifesto.

"I want to let all the girls look at here, and I believe that a new era has arrived." some critics believe that she gave a 9 minute speech since Trump won the presidential election on November 8, 2016 since a large number of "people as the invisible" one of the most important gift -- new hope.

In her speech, she spoke about his poor birth and growth story, with experience expressed the importance of diversity and inclusiveness of the United States.

The Golden Globes on TV just ended, twitter immediately appeared in the "Oprah 2020", "President Oprah" a popular search term. Although Oprah said in an interview after the award ceremony (I don't run ", many media have quoted the Oprah side friends said, Oprah is actively considering in the general election.

63 year old Oprah was born in a poor family in Mississippi, rely on the talk show started later, and now Oprah's brand across the TV channel, publishing and entertainment industry.

According to the Forbes rich list 11, the latest rankings, Oprah's net worth of about $2 billion 800 million (about 18 billion 200 million yuan.

"Oprah.# I support her." the famous Republican strategists Christo (Bill Kristol on twitter said. He had a hand to create the 2008 vice presidential candidate Palin (Sarah Palin.

He may run for president's comments on Oprah: "she is Warren (Democratic senator from Massachusetts can have a better understanding of the middle class, unlike Biden (Vice President so moody, Bikumo (governor of New York, but also easy to love, the governor of Colorado (Bixiken looper more personal charm"

"I want her to run." 8 night, as a result of the movie "Washington Post" won the Golden Globe Award nominated American actor Merrill Streep (Meryl Streep said, "I think she hasn't announced his campaign plan, and now she had no choice"

If the Oprah election, she won the Democratic nomination may be? "100%." a Republican strategists said in an interview, "if she participated in the Democratic nomination battle, other people do not participate in the basic"

"We are still discussing a political experience of billionaire and television star can be president?" Republican strategists, political commentator Nawaruo (Ana Navarro asked, "the American people have given the answer (elected Trump. I don't know her foreign policy or domestic issues. But it does know how much yet, she is not to compete with Churchill, she and Trump competition"

The Republican strategy expert Davies has served as presidential campaign adviser (Fred Davis said he did not watch Oprah on the morning of the second day of his speech, but the mailbox is full of a number of election experts recommend Oprah's message: "you have to look at Oprah's speech. (you must see. Do you think Obama is a a good speaker, look at Oprah"

"Talk show queen" not only won the excellent speech, and the general public alike. (map

"There is no controversy, Trump is the most famous people in the world." Republican strategists Wilson (Rick Wilson said, "in the existing political atmosphere, can beat celebrity President Trump, may only be another celebrity"

Oprah's partner Stedman Graham (Stedman Graham voice said: "(whether Oprah can become the president of the United States depends on the people, but she definitely can do it"

Trump: "I will beat her"

President Trump has announced that it will participate in the 2020 election. But Oprah is likely to appeal to the competition become the most hot topic after 9 days, Trump is in discussions with Senator immigration reform meeting personally responded that if Oprah's election, he will beat her.

Trump said, and Oprah showdown will be very interesting. "I will beat her," he repeated several times.

Trump also said that he is love Oprah, and I have my family participated in "the Oprah Winfrey Show" "but I don't think she will run, I know her very well"

In fact, Trump has been quite admire Oprah. As early as 20 years ago, he had told the media that if he ran for president, would choose Oprah as a partner in.2015, he told the media after announcing his candidacy, Oprah as his vice presidential candidate. But he finally chose Burns.

The White House in 8 also said that Trump is willing to compete with Oprah in the general election in 2020. "We welcome the challenge, whether it is Oprah or other people. We welcome all." the White House spokesman on air force one, so in response to outside watching curiosity.


The Golden Globe Awards on the same day, Oprah in an interview with reporters, said he did not intend to run for president of the United States. Oprah also said a close friend, Oprah himself is not willing to stand for election.

However, although Oprah himself denied running for president of the United States, many people may change hope for her future, and the charm of women trying to influence the decision by public opinion.

U.S. media even issued a document that Oprah is "actively considering whether to participate in the campaign," she would be more appropriate than Hilary's presidential candidate. Oprah start empty-handed, now become a billionaire, at the same time, she also pays attention to and is committed to charity, was born a winner "

In the entertainment industry, even the people of Oprah's cabinet members are a good idea.

Another media said Merrill Streep 9 in the famous American talk show "Jimmy live" (Jimmy Kimmel Live about the Oprah campaign when rumors, she jokes that if Oprah is elected, shall set up an all star cabinet. She suggested that the famous actor Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks as Oprah's running mate, so once in the fast and Furious movie series actor Dwayne Johnson ("Dwayne The Rock" Johnson served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff (the highest military commander, U.S. armed forces and starred in "Star Wars" action star Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford served as Minister of defense.

The mad pursuit of failed to outside influence to Oprah. After the Golden Globes, she chose silence is golden, so far not his election will make any public statement.

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