"What is it" Hello neighbor analysis of the true identity of neighbors

Updated: 2018-1-12 17:57:06  Views: 99

In a period of time the old game, we have to talk about the new games recently interesting, just past December 2017, a burst of red network game "Hello neighbor" launched the official version, before the official launch of the game version also launched a test version, evaluation of the test version of the game player very good, the game's creative praise and look forward to the official version of the line, but the official version of the line after the game evaluation is unable to get up after a fall in the absence of any strategy, game player case, most of the time do not know that they need what to do, and even if all clearance may not be able to understand the story, the game left a lot we doubt, today we have to talk about these questions!

97973 Mobile Games network statement: 97973 Mobile Games network posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.

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Traditional Chinese: 《你好鄰居》全劇情解析 鄰居的真實身份是什麽