Hebei 20 years of teaching in middle school female teachers' sudden death left unfinished handwritten papers

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Dacheng County professional female teachers heart disease sudden death caused Aisiruchao

Before the death of a day of six classes, the sudden onset of left unfinished handwritten papers

Liu Heying teacher do the physics experiment in the classroom (piece of information.

At noon on January 10th, fourth of high school physics teachers in Liu Heying County schools sudden heart attack and died, at the local teachers and parents triggered waves of grief. Conscientious teacher Liu taught for 20 years before he died, a day of six classes for students in the office before the onset of neatly handwritten papers......

Since the school student sent by Division

11 at 2 pm, the reporter drove to the county. The county funeral dirge dihuai in local teachers and students, more than 300 people bid farewell to Liu Heying teacher. In the lobby of a sob, colleagues, students and parents can not accept on weekdays, diligent, kind teacher Liu suddenly passed away. A group of children to pieces of flowers on the side of the teacher Liu, they have graduated from the fourth, Liu learned the news of the death of spontaneous. Ms. Sun Herong came to bid farewell to mentor also attended the farewell, she told the news has been to high school daughter 10 in the evening, the children hid in his room crying for a long time, then immediately contact the students have left school at all levels of each class more than 30 students together, everyone chipped in to buy as much as possible white chrysanthemum as a teacher.

Flowers farewell teacher.

Ms. sun, a dozen parents heard the news came to bid farewell, she told reporters: the children graduated for two years, she will never forget the teacher Liu, teach two class humorous, break his daughter once achievement topic not to mind taking the trouble, fluctuation, Liu teacher to the students equally, analyze the reasons and have Kindly enlighten. Naughty child pulled out her own bicycle Qimenxin teacher, pushed to cheer in the classroom with the students to share their feelings, but not to find who did it, "was built in WeChat group, we are reluctant to dissolve, Liu too good"

"She put all tired down"

42 year old Liu Heying teacher, in 1997 graduated from the Physics Department of Langfang normal college, in the city of county taught for 20 years. In the leadership and colleagues, fat she have inexhaustible energy, class without a microphone, from the end of the hallway just hear her voice. She lectures very funny, humor, start test is very seriously. After class, the students have problems with her completely, "the classroom doors are blocked." in the same office, to help a group of students a problem, there are other classmates, can not see their teacher, asked the teacher Liu.

Math teacher Song Yanhua, and Liu Heying had to teach a class, envy her junior high school physics in each stage of various kinds of questions come, she said each question and I have talked about many times, do not want to remember too. Liu Heying's husband is also in the fourth, the home has two sons, the younger son was on the first grade primary school she had to take care of her family, her husband's family, the elderly, and relatives are things she languo, but is not a problem. Although Liu Heying is fat, but always give people the feeling of strong work, early evening walk, business seriously, also played a good badminton and table tennis. Last September examination, she there is high blood pressure, high blood fat, but she couldn't think of how I would. Colleagues for so many years, Liu Heying and his colleagues have never red face, not for fame, to help you speak, my body is not very good, always feel that she is no problem, but she who tired, she put all carry up "

Handwritten papers unfinished

Chen Kezhu taught chemistry, and now Liu Heying with three classes, their desks next to.10 on the afternoon of the first class, he choked told the students "Liu very ill", the class teacher as silent prayers, sad news came a cry in the class. For safety reasons. The school didn't allow students to go to the funeral home, they sent their flowers.

Liu Heying teacher desk with unfinished writing papers.

The January 9th day, Liu Heying had his three physics lesson, and something of a teacher for a day, in the evening, she told colleagues: hoarse voice, hair faint swell, so weak, she said this a few days to get angry, is likely to have a cold. That night, she had two from late night study, 8:40 at the end of the class, and the students will, 9:20..10 day at 7:50 in the morning, she came to the school, told colleagues at home sick she didn't.10 classes on the morning, in the office of student work, after the winter test -- Liu Heying's paper is famous, she put the general student mistakes together you, find the right questions, she did not find, paste, but how to write. The reporter saw Mr. Liu Heying finally a handwritten paper, handwriting is elegant, rise is an inspirational quote: "Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold."

Mr. Liu Heying did not complete the written papers.

The teacher Liu Heying eventually did not complete this piece of paper.11, she couldn't help the body unwell, go downstairs to the guard room ready to punch out of work, teacher saw that she was very pale, and brought her to the dorm office to lie down in the same school, her husband rushed to the county hospital, the ambulance arrived, she has no breathing. At 2 pm, after the rescue invalid, Mr. Liu Heying died.

(original title: dedicated news eye female teacher death left unfinished papers "the handwritten figure / reporter Pang Yongli Chen Caiyan correspondent

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Traditional Chinese: 河北從教20年中學女教師猝死 留下未完成手寫試卷