University of Amsterdam in response to "limit China students"

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"Can you imagine the future in a big room for 80% students from Germany or China?" said the school anniversary speech, President of University of Amsterdam in Holland before the school to promote the internationalization of too fast, the surge in the number of students brings a series of problems, the need to balance the proportion of Holland and foreign students.

The media pointed out that if the restrictions on foreign students of University of Amsterdam, Germany and Chinese students will become the most affected groups, which sparked concern.

University of Amsterdam news office John Reid (Johan Rheeder11 on the matter of the surging news ( responded that the University of Amsterdam did not cut the international students and China students plan, and said that the internationalization of University of Amsterdam will continue to push forward in higher education.

Our headmaster is very clear, including the internationalization and the National Students' classroom for scientific innovation, internationalization, and Amsterdam have be of great advantage. "John Reid said.

Holland University of Amsterdam data figure

China students less than 2%

"Over the past 10 years, the University of Amsterdam international students increased by 4 times," President Karen took office last year, Max (Karen Maex8, the school's 386 anniversary speech pointed out. "Now, all the students in 15% are foreign students, while the number in the first grade students and even reached 25%"

According to statistics, over the past 10 years, the number of foreign students in Holland almost doubled. The Holland times in March last year, citing a report from the Institute of international education Nuffic said, currently in Holland, the number of foreign students was 112 thousand, which is the largest number of German students, about 22 thousand people. The Chinese students and about 4300 people.

According to the data provided by the University of Amsterdam press office, at present, the number of students in the University for 32000 people, including about 6000 foreign students, and Chinese students only 400 people, accounting for less than 2%. total number of students

President Karen Max in his speech did not specify the proportion of students from different countries, but she said, the 70% international students from countries of the European Union.

"The business school and the school of economics Chinese students too much, should be able to have the 10%. business management of this popular professional, 200 people can have more than 30 Chinese," graduated from the school last year Chinese students Xie Xincen told the surging news (, actuarial and mathematical finance, or communication, medicine, psychology, these professional very few people, a year only one or two Chinese "

In response to John Reid clearly said, "there was no reduction in the recruitment of international students and students Chinese plan." after President Karen Max said in his speech, to seek a balance between international students and students in Holland.

English too much cited concerns

Karen Max said in his speech, a surge in the number of international students has brought considerable challenges and urgent problems for the school. One of the problems is that more courses are taught in English. According to the University of Amsterdam website, the school has more than 200 international degree programs for English teaching, most of them graduate of course.

"Graduate courses are taught English, even the Dutch courses taught in many textbooks and English, many students in Holland," Xie Xin Cen confirmed that some graduate courses only English teaching, like a school of economics only a graduate degree is a half Dutch half. English teaching"

Karen Max said in her speech in English in University of Amsterdam, need a balance between English and Dutch courses. The school must for Dutch and English learning goals and requirements, in combination of Dutch and English balanced according to the situation of adjusting curriculum.

Karen Max, first of all, the University of Amsterdam wants to "a little Dutch English Curriculum", this can make to University of Amsterdam to participate in short-term programs for international students to accept these courses. Secondly, the University of Amsterdam hope that even the "targeted English curriculum should take into account the students of Holland Dutch skills".

Published the speech in Karen Max, professors are also disclosed on the expression in English professor Holland literature course. There are also concerns of teachers and students in the teaching process of English level is not high expressed concern.

For Max about the problem of contradiction and Dutch English speech, John Reed explained, "in order to ensure we between Holland and foreign students, and maintain a healthy balance between Dutch and English teaching project, we need more autonomy to properly guide the process." Reed also said that not only University of Amsterdam, University of Holland, but of all common problems. "This means that we must admit and set limits on international development, to ensure that we can provide quality education and additional value"

In addition to conflict between English and Dutch teaching, Karen President Max also mentioned that the surge in international students brought great pressure to the school accommodation, reducing the Holland students apply to the school dormitory.

Xie Xincen said that the Amsterdam area of housing is very tight, the school had to let the first years of Holland international students to stay. But Holland students often find their own room, or living in the home of the train every day to go to school. But even so, it can not guarantee each international students have dorms.

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Traditional Chinese: 阿姆斯特丹大學回應“限制中國等國留學生”