Why MBA would not have participated in the exam from the national examination.

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Original title: working free entrance exam MBA you will, debating whether or not to participate in the national postgraduate entrance exam?

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MBA exam competition! At present, the workforce through the entrance exam read MBA is the most conventional way, but this way is single plank bridge thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers.2017 the new data is not out to apply for last year's data as an example: in 2016 the number of candidates for the MBA project 107176, the actual participation in the examination of the 76825 people, the final admission number 29035, the acceptance rate is only 27%, 70% candidates to become the 70% paternity test. Candidates are generally working for pro forma, three aspects of study, life and work need to be weighed.

For one year, the result is not satisfactory. The waste of time, energy and waste. So prepare for the MBA students in the choice of twice before. If you really want to put so much competition in MBA examination. MBA candidates in national examination has a long preparation period, then a learning cycle, time span great. Full-time study projects have similar factors, cycle and scale of full-time study determines the effect of blocking the development of occupation, therefore, need to actively respond to the rapidly changing economic situation of the people in the workplace and entrepreneurs and the time, as a scarce resource, is the largest self investment cost.

For professionals and entrepreneurs, how to efficiently use the limited time to get maximumascension, is a very urgent problem. The international MBA, the process of preparing, compared to the MBA examination, not as complicated and tedious process form more humane. International MBA into the Sino foreign cooperative education overseas business school MBA and domestic independent school MBA, in the organization independent school interview + written, ask you to have the following qualities, good English level, occupation development fast, strong and clear learning objective.

In fact, the entrance MBA doesn't have to MBA this bridge, at present, the domestic to obtain a master's degree in 3 ways, one is to participate in the January national graduate examination, Yan jinkuan, second is the equivalent of master of engineering examination in May and October (Shen Shuo has been incorporated into the January cancel exam). Now the market evolved many similar SMBA after the first ticket on the train, before the credits to participate in the examination, which belongs to the strict, the last is the Sino foreign cooperation in running schools such as European University and MBA international MBA, EU business school and the Asian City University, the two foreign universities have designated the official teaching center and new MBA a business school in Jiangsu, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Shanghai, as long as the credits will be able to go to the hospital the defense can be obtained when the MBA MBA Certificate.

It is worth mentioning that the Asian City University of Sino foreign cooperative education MBA is supported by the state, the People's Republic of China Sino Foreign Cooperative Education Ordinance is a Sino foreign cooperative education standard. For Sino foreign cooperative education schools in the specification to be set as follows: the project education must pass the entrance examination exam, voluntary reporting, awarded by both Chinese and foreign schools the diploma respectively after graduation. Non degree education program: without completing the volunteer, in the school entrance examination can hold its own. Chinese School corresponding credits, through the language exam after being admitted to the school after graduation to obtain cooperation, school diploma.

The specification of the body to be set as follows: the Sino foreign cooperative education is a public undertaking, is part of China education. The State implements the opening-up and standardization of running schools, according to management, to promote the development of the policy on Sino foreign cooperation in running schools. From the above international education standard, Sino foreign cooperative education law is a way of education, can choose, but must choose the Ministry of education publicized on the official website of Chinese and foreign education project, have relatively high assurance!

This kind of free entrance exam MBA can let students after graduation can obtain overseas master's degree certificate, students studying while working. It is characterized by low entry threshold, which belongs to the strict type. No entrance exam, no need to participate in the national master's entrance exam, can get the master degree. So far only directly read fast channel specialist Master. In conditions apply basically will require students to have these conditions, such as in the social work of more than three years of college or undergraduate degree can apply, such as work experience can be appropriate to relax the conditions, some colleges and universities will be comprehensive survey and assessment of candidates their work ability and management potential.

Free entrance exam MBA group is about 28-40 years old, graduated from university or work for about ten years. The majority is a be management professional or private owner, to raise or improve the management capability is necessary demand. Want to get a master's degree, but no time and energy to participate in the national examination.

People often say that the domestic MBA teaching management knowledge to meet the conditions of our country, the teachers and students alumni have great chance to be your boss or colleagues. The foreign elite MBA course in the world although the station management frontier, free and more advanced, free entrance exams, but to want to return to the development of the people it will lead to his pulse is too weak.

According to the Nanjing MBA teaching center of City University of new Asian and business school admissions office director Zhang ideal teacher said, this is mainly for the above study, we like this foreign domestic universities open MBA degree classes are designed according to the China conditions, such as special course financing for the listed companies to the enterprise, for the family business management course for many private enterprises, for many production enterprises to the traditional enterprise and the Internet related courses and so on, not only that, students in Nanjing MBA teaching center of City University of Asia, mainly to corporate executives, boss, boss of many well-known enterprises in which you can imagine the future with the network.

The European University business school and the City University of Nanjing teaching center of Asia MBA degree class is all invited Tsinghua University, Fudan University's teacher teaching, such as the European University is one of the world's top MBA business school, the University City teachers than Asia more outstanding, such as former deputy foreign minister He Yafei, the famous economist, the father of PE Chinese said He Xiaofeng personally taught the invitation. It is understood that the Nanjing City University Teaching Center in Asia recently invited Peking University (MBA degree class scores, professional settings) Hao Xinjun, the famous lecturer Wang Yueyu and other experts to give lectures will be Li Yonggang and Tao Xiangnan (the future Nanjing University scores, professional setting, Fudan University (Shanghai) scores professional settings) professor and other top elite business school teaching.

Before some people worry that the Sino foreign cooperative education MBA postgraduate for master degree certificate gold content is low, will affect the future study abroad. In fact, Sino foreign cooperative education postgraduate MBA obtained master degree certificate and the amount of full-time graduates, and as long as there is a master's degree can read Bo studies. In addition, studying abroad no problem, because in addition to China, other countries do not have a diploma. And in the work, a lot of people with acquired master's degree certificate, the smooth realization of the promotion, raise, develop a better career development path for themselves.

Look at the tuition, tuition is currently serving MBA far, the most expensive is 1 million + RMB, such as the central business school, Tsinghua University School of business, the Yangtze River (fractional line, professional setting) and the Peking University, the cheapest only 20 thousand + RMB, which is really such a big difference? The answer is yes the purpose of MBA is to read the job. Hope to have a quicker promotion space and salary promotion, and the higher the price of gold in MBA more able to attract attention. The University City in Asia for example, 68 thousand yuan of tuition is not too expensive, but you can see the professional students after graduation salary growth and promotion speed are among the best in school part-time MBA rankings.

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