Oprah ran for president of the United States? Trump: I'll beat her!

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Original title: talk show host Oprah run for president of the United States? Trump: I will beat her

United States President Trump. The Xinhua News Agency

Reference News Network January 11th U.S. media reported that the 9 president at a White House meeting flatly declared: "I will beat Oprah! "But he quickly added:" I think she will not run "

According to the The Associated Press reported on January 9th, when asked about the talk show host Oprah could run in the next presidential election speculation, Trump said: "Oprah will be very happy." he added that he was "very understanding."

Reported that Trump was in 1988 on the Oprah show off appearance in 2011, he again with his family in the Oprah show.

Reported that the Democrats are considering encouraging Oprah to participate in the presidential election, her best friend, Cbs Broadcasting Inc news presenter Gail Kim said on the 9, they have been talking for a long time and one day Oprah the night before Oprah, the idea of "interest".

Kim said: "she loves this country would somehow serve the nation, but now I think she hasn't been actively considering this problem. However, after seeing Oprah in the program after so many years, I also know that people always have the right to change his mind"

In the evening of 7 Golden Globe Awards, Oprah passionately called, "even in the darkest night, to look forward to a brighter morning. Some of the audience that Democrats are considered as a presidential candidate in 2020 to challenge Trump when it launched a celebrity, it was Oprah as a presidential candidate guess. Of course, Trump himself before his extraordinary political career is a businessman into a TV star.

Oprah in September last year and October to the highest office in the country has publicly denied the idea, but she also pointed out that Trump's victory made her the job requirements are reconsidered.

Reported that the 64 year old media mogul Oprah has become a cultural phenomenon. She was born in a poor family in Mississippi, but in the last century in 80s, she became the television news and talk show personality. In the past 30 years, she is the face of TV talk show, and and in making films, but also created their own television network.

Reported that Trump Oprah's remarks on the friendly is not new, in an interview in 1999, he is a strong candidate for vice president praised her.

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