Domestic terrorist "death rebirth trials" puzzle: now on-line Steam!

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Today (January 11th, a head cover of the domestic Bengue puzzle game: Rebirth trials (DYING: Reborn>> dying quietly login Steam, game support, Japan, Britain, and marked the first week of green bar, fold 39 yuan (original price 49 yuan.

The video terminal test "Jane rebirth

The last trial: Rebirth "by the bell free game development, game, game jointly issued the oasis Yedao a hardcore Bengue puzzle game, the first game of PSVR as it has in the host platform has more than 100 thousand sales, is by far the best host overseas market sales of the domestic game.

In the game, game player will play a leading role in the field of life Matthew in order to find the missing sister come back, but was caught in a mysterious man head layout of the strange hotel, and had begun a mysterious trial, and when once the puzzle was revealed, Matthew also gradually found between himself and the mysterious person contact head......

The game will be the core of the chamber puzzle, this mysterious Hotel although it looks old, but the content is very rich, to explore different styles of rooms with high degree of freedom, not only can make you collect more props and information, can help you solve the puzzle before the eyes, find the truth of the matter.

The main game and strange quiet "gentle terror" style, will also become numerous game player of the gospel, the ingenious design, the game will suddenly jump out of the monster thriller, there will be a way to escape after the terrorist experience, all the terror has long been silent game into the air, it will you need to immediately remind every hour and moment away from here.

Now, this "gentle terror" style of original puzzle game: Rebirth "has" dying trial login Steam, and said it would launch a free VR patch in the near future, if you love the chamber is interested in solving puzzles, or horror game, as with hands, opened the "fish head" under the hidden Secrets of.Steam link.

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Traditional Chinese: 國產恐怖解謎《臨終:重生試煉》現已上線Steam!