In 2017 ten the lowest grossing film which grossed only 169 yuan!

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2017 has passed, that movie cannot be heroes at the box office, but no box office support films such as bricks without straw, then how also cannot become climate. We all know Wu Jing's wolf 2>> hit the highest record of 5 billion 700 million, but few people know that the ten lowest grossing movie is how sad. The box office more as low as 169 yuan movie. Take a look at what it is.

TOP1<< home side ginseng flower of love

The box office of 169 yuan

The story of home business Weng Kun Jilin returned home to Changbai Mountain, she was ready to change the township to cultivate "individual ginseng ginseng" as the main mode of operation of the disordered ginseng planting industry promotion, will greatly improve the economic benefits of the "forest ginseng planting", also caused the old ideas of folks opposition. This is a promo the native of Jilin province?

TOP2<< hip hop English bear "

The box office of 255 yuan

In a "variety" Chinese hip-hop heat launched the British hip-hop bear, hot rub, have to admire the director with high business acumen and efforts to control the film market. Only blame that released a few days not many parents with children playing next to the cinema, or at the box office can also be doubled.

TOP3<< my dance arena

550 yuan at the box office

Beauty, body of temptation, if not good self-control, then rushed into the cinema to see the true capacity. The director said: you are a movie shoot, can spend some money please art design posters, this poster should be a retouching software repair?

The comic "TOP4<< brother

The box office of 1205 yuan

Look at the name. It is estimated that down to earth director personal investment for their film biography? Said the world there are thousands of dollars at the box office, organize all the villagers and the village pit viewing? Pay for tickets. In fact, brothers, entertainment folks nightlife is very good.

TOP5<< red flowers "

The box office of 1569 yuan

Look at the names you think is Zhang Yimou went back to the movie making art films. Not what new things, some old topics, paper-cut traditional culture possible audience. Not many small female main color value is very high, but the box office does not know enough small woman paycheck.

TOP6<< water baby

The box office of 1569 yuan

This poster level is the child in Grade 1 of primary school art classes often bed design, too headstrong.

TOP7<< business "

The box office of 3311 yuan

The film by Wu Ma, starring Shi Tianlong, but the box office too embarrassed. The film not only create a fascinating story, also revealed many scars, there are national enterprise development in the process of thought-provoking.

TOP8<< sea scenery "(Remapping)

The box office of 3567 yuan

This is the old movie again in theaters, released this old piece of art in the cinema box office is certainly not high, but I did not expect so low at the box office. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 2017年票房最低的十部電影 它的票房竟然只有169元!