"2077" has been traced to the cyberpunk internal Demo have 1-2 done

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The official push cyberpunk 2077>> extra registered in the first sound, although it did not say what substantive content, but still have a glimmer of light to the game player indistinct hope. Then this game development progress in the end how? Recently broke the news channel LegacyKillaHD tubing game has an internal DEMO, but done needs at least 1-2 years.


LegacyKillaHD said in the video, an unnamed SONY staff told him that CDPR already offers SONY a "cyberpunk 2077>> technology show Demo. and revealed that part of the world for the construction has been completed, the game engine has been possible to construct regional, task and object, but he said this at least 1-2 years of development time.????

But for this news, game player is the need to dialectical view, the authorities have not yet responded.

Video screen:

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Traditional Chinese: 《賽博朋克2077》被曝已有內部Demo 做完還得1-2年