On the tip of the tongue "China" the imminent launch of the third quarter users: the crude Mobile Games name here?

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Hello, here is a serious game, my younger brother is serious.

Do not know if you still remember I said before the tongue on the Chinese launched official Mobile Games that? Today to say this appointment or hot Mobile Games.

Reservation address.

I have nothing else to go to micro-blog that afternoon, CCTV9 bursts so few: micro-blog

This is less than two hours, a three micro-blog strong exposure of the tongue on the third quarter Chinese documentary conference, I was on the slobber soaked collar. This is known. "The documentary is finally determined to come on time during the Spring Festival. I crave!

But this time, I immediately thought of that section of the tongue on the China official Mobile Games.

The tongue on the China is a exclusive authorized by CCTV, fusion and RPG business simulation develop elements. The rich leisure Mobile Games plot of the original play of the collision, ordinary ingredients to create extraordinary pleasure. Simulation of the operation with originality, the classic plot shows the perfect substitute tongue, bring happy game player delicacy experience.

It will broadcast a documentary, Mobile Games what is not news?

I took a look at the game player's reaction, this is mainly the following three points:

1. see this posture, the game is estimated in the documentary before the first test! Then play the game to send a variety of video VIP, Mobile Games can play to watch the tongue in the third quarter?

2. Mobile Games should be online at the same time watching documentaries and documentary? This is to play Mobile Games Chansi my rhythm

The 3. documentary will be finished Mobile Games estimation, and then there are all the role of the tongue three, did not see the fun in the game? To revisit the classic plot.

As for the Mobile Games what time on the line, did not see any official statement. Mobile Games presumably Biezhao. I'll move what continued to stare at the Mobile Games official will have what unexpected action, maybe there is a drama, a film drama, the booming wave of walking tour video linkage might also do.

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Traditional Chinese: 《舌尖上的中國》第三季開播在即 網友:同名手遊該粗來了?